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Why choose Wilsons Wooden Flooring?

Wilsons stock the largest and most comprehensive range of high quality reclaimed wooden floors, new hardwood and softwood floors in the UK and Ireland. We supply our reclaimed and new wooden flooring to both private and commercial customers in Northern Ireland, Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Our exclusive wooden flooring range has been carefully sourced for the discerning, individual shopper, who wants to step outside the mainstream mass produced high street flooring shops and purchase a special, unique and personal wooden floor.

Our specially selected natural timber wooden floors have a timeless beauty and character that simply cannot be achieved by other mass produced high street flooring shops. In addition to our reclaimed antique wooden flooring, we also carry a range of re-sawn 19th century Wide Plank floors, and a vast range of native and colonial hardwood parquet floors and woodblock flooring.

We now also offer a stunning new range of engineered floors that complement our existing range of reclaimed, antique and bespoke wooden floors, many that you may have came across in the latest interior design TV programs such as the BBC's house of the year and a multitude of Interior magazines and websites.

What’s unique about our Wooden Floors?

Would your dinner guests be impressed if you told them that they were walking on the same floor that Thomas Andrews, the chief designer of the “Titanic”, had walked on 100 years ago when he worked at Harland and Wolff's shipyard in Belfast? This is just one example of the unique romantic past of some of our old reclaimed wooden floors.

We are continuously sourcing one-off reclaimed floors from yesteryear. These floors embody a rich history and look fantastic in both period and modern settings. Whether it’s the soft rounded contour of an old English Cider Mill board, or the rich tones of an exotic hardwood from an Irish Manor House, we are confident that you will find that beautiful, interesting wooden flooring at Wilsons that you will simply fall in love with.

Customers and projects

Due to the unique, individual nature of our business, we have a vast customer base from all ranges of life. We are involved in both private and commercial projects. These could range from people looking for a small reclaimed floor to bring back some character to their terrace house, to others who are looking to create that New York apartment look, right the way through to people restoring vast period properties.

Commercial customers range from small independent companies and entrepreneurs who own Hotels, Bars, Boutiques, shops and Restaurants and want individual wooden floors; right the way through to large international companies such as Urban Outfitters, Hollister, House of Frazer who buy Wilsons floors to create those industrial, casual, relaxed living styles to show off their products.

Wood Flooring Installation

Most of our new and salvaged floors are finished in place, thus ensuring a consistent quality finish that agrees with each customer’s specific project requirements.We have a network of independent Wooden Floor installers that we can refer you to. These have been carefully developed through personal customer recommendations over many years. These independent professional floor installers specialise in all aspects of fitting, sanding and sealing reclaimed, new wide plank, parquet flooring and woodblock floors.

Under Floor Heating

Virtually all of our Wooden Floors can be used with Under Floor Heating systems, but please contact our Flooring specialists to discuss your particular requirements.

We hope you have enjoy visiting our website and have found some inspiration and ideas while searching for the special unique wooden flooring