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Cast Iron Radiators 

Cast iron radiators can be used effectively in today’s modern heating systems, offering great heat, ageless beauty and period style. They are full of charm and character, and enhance any room with their striking aesthetic presence. At Wilson's Yard, we are specialist suppliers with a wealth of experience in reclaimed cast iron radiators within the UK and Ireland, offering a unique range of radiator styles in a wide variety of finishes.

Are Cast Iron Radiators more efficient? 

People often wonder if cast iron radiators are more efficient compared to modern steel radiators. The conductivity of cast iron is very efficient due to their manufacturing, leaving them stronger and heavier, therefore affecting the way they output heat. Cast iron offers an energy-efficient way of retaining and spreading heat, setting them apart from steel radiators. 

In the past, cast iron radiators were seen as more efficient for period homes with their vast room spaces and high ceilings, but now they are coming into more modern and new properties due to their energy efficiency and beautiful design choices.

How long do cast iron radiators last? 

All cast iron radiators can last a lifetime. Our salvaged radiators are fully restored with new standard fittings to suit modern heating requirements that can all be repaired and refurbished to last in your home forever needed.

Cast Iron Radiator Styles - Modern, Traditional & Bespoke 

At Wilson's Yard, we pride ourselves in our wide range of cast iron radiators and our ability to build them to suit our customer's individual requirements. Our salvaged radiators will fit perfectly into your period property or transform any modern home to give that authentic feel.

We also stock a range of new reproduced Cast iron radiators that can be supplied in most if not all sizes. We introduced these period style reproduction radiators as some salvaged styles are very hard to source.

Our range of Cast Iron radiators include

Our complete range of cast iron radiators can be finished in a colour of your choice. For all radiator enquiries, get in touch with our team today!

Bespoke Cast Iron Radiators:

At Wilson's Yard, we have been dealing with cast iron radiators for more than 40 years and as Ireland’s largest stockist, we also offer bespoke sizes to our customers. Find out more about our bespoke radiator building service here.