Our finely-honed capabilities mean we can do most things involved with bespoke kitchen furniture and specialist joinery.

And all with the convenience of one friendly, skilled, scrupulously honest supplier:

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We love creating bespoke, individual kitchen furniture.

Our team takes great care in handcrafting each piece to ensure it fits your needs and style. We strive to make the most of your space, with clever storage solutions and standout freestanding pieces.

Our country house and cottage furniture are made to order, ensuring each piece is unique and individual. The team design Country house dressers and bespoke bookcases to compliment your existing furniture and enhance your interior design.

We thrive on challenges and use our year of experience and traditional craftsmanship to bring you unique one of pieces that make your home or business feel truly special.

We're always here for a chat about your project or to set up a meeting. Furthermore, we don't stop at just kitchen furniture! We also craft custom tables for all types of living spaces. These are designed with your specific space, size and colour preferences in mind. Whenever we can, we use reclaimed wood, giving your table a sustainable, personal and individual touch.

Like to chat with us or share images of items that you would like to have made or replicated, just call us or pop in.