Reclaimed and period style garden features and garden ornaments make Wilsons Yard a design haven, for both garden enthusiasts and landscapers 

Our Garden products

At Wilsons Yard we specialise in finding those individual, unique pieces that make your garden special and unique.  Our wide range normally includes vintage garden furniture, stone fountains and water features, antique sundials, vintage birdbaths, planters, urns and old stone troughs, antique staddle stones, garden signs and wall plaques, to name just a few.

Large and small gardens

We cater for all sizes of garden designs, including the hospitality sector. Wilsons Yards range of stone garden gazebos, Temples, follies and Stone features windows are perfect for large wedding venues, providing a beautiful backdrop for wedding photographers.

One of Wilsons Yards magnificent large stone 3 tiered fountains could sit proudly at the front of a hotel, estate or country house, creating a dramatic entrance and focal point for customers or guests to remember.

Alternatively create a secret garden with stone walls and old gothic stone windows or a cottage garden with old gates or staddle stones that look like huge mushrooms from a fairy tale.

At Wilsons Yard, we also supply beautiful old and new paving, kerbs and cobles, so that you can design your complete garden projects. We hope you enjoy browsing our range of vintage garden features and ornaments.