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Reclaimed Pilkington brushed pine plank flooring - (finish 2)

Stunning reclaimed brushed pine flooring salvaged from Pilkington glass factory in England

Price displayed is per square meter

Supplied with original face - £54.00 + vat

To achieve this look  we have sanded the board back, 1 coat of stain, and applied 2 coats of oil

(+ VAT)
In stock
FRCF132 - finish2

Availability: Collection & delivery


More Information
Width (mm) 140 - 145 approx
Length (mm) Random
Depth (mm) 20 approx
Order lead time 2 - 4 Week order time
Floor fitting Independent Professional Fitting & Finishing Contacts Available On Request
Floor Shipping Can Be Arranged At Clients Request Haulage Charge Will Apply
Solid or Engineered Solid
Flooring Tone Medium
Flooring Type Plank
Reclaimed or New Reclaimed
Allow Offer On Product Select Status

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Frequently asked questions


Q. Are all of Wilsons Yards floors reclaimed?

A. Whilst Wilsons yard specialize in reclaimed/salvaged flooring approximately 10% of our floors are new specially selected F.S.C accredited timbers.


Q. What is resawn flooring?

A. Resawn means to saw again, so that may be from our beautiful 19th century seasoned antique beams or from new F.S.C approved quality oak logs.


Q. Are your floors suitable for under floor heating?

A. The majority of our floors are suitable for U.F.H provided that certain guidelines are adhered to. A member of our sales team will be happy to explain based on the floor that you choose.


Q. Does my floor come pre-finished?

A. The majority of Wilsons floors need to be finished onsite, this means sanded and sealed. Some of our pre-finished floors will require one final coat of sealer only.


Q. In what condition will I receive my flooring order?

A. With reclaimed boards, Wilsons will clean the board and remove any nails or pins leaving it suitable for reuse. With parquet/woodblock flooring we will remove a sufficient amount of the original glue/tar from the bottom and edge of each block leaving it suitable for reuse.


Q. What are the chances of my flooring moving, twisting or warping?

A. If you and your floor fitter follow a few simple but very important rules then you will not have any difficulty with movement in your flooring! We recommend you take professional advice on this matter as climatic condition vary from project to project. Wilsons always recommend a professional floor fitter for best practice!