At Wilsons with all flooring orders we provide a list of independent floor fitters that can best advise you on the process involved with laying your wood floor.

There most common methods of laying wood flooring are listed below.

  1. Nail down method
  2. Glue down method
  3. Floating method

Depending on which floor you have chosen, professional floor fitters will be able to determine which method will best suit you project. This will be based on your wooden floor and conditions within your home or project.

Professional floor fitters can lay plank, engineered, parquet & panel floors.

Watch our short video below to see one of our parquet floors being fitted by a professional floor fitter.



Aftercare for wooden floors easy and simple

1: Clean up any water spills immediately

2: Remove footwear to avoid stone or dirt in shoes scratching surface.

3: Use furniture felt pads and never drag heavy objects across your wooden floor.

4: Dust and dirt can dull your finish, use a vacuum with a brush head adapter to keep your floor looking its best.

5: Avoid stem cleaning products this can break down the finish and damage the floor

6:  Wood floor cleaner diluted as directed, can be used with warm (not hot) water and applied with a well wrung out mop.

7: It is important you understand your finish on your floor as different methods will apply to different finishes.

If you have any doubt, please ask a member of our flooring team for advice on aftercare with your wooden floor.