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Reclaimed & New Parquet Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Parquet, Salvaged Woodblock, Herringbone flooring



Looking for that special wooden floor?

Parquet and woodblock wooden flooring (often referred to as herringbone flooring) has been popular throughout Europe for hundreds of years and adorns many of the most prestigious properties in Dublin, London, Paris, Rome, Milan and virtually all European cities including the Palace of Versailles in France.

Over the past 100 years production techniques have improved while costs have reduced, leading to parquet and woodblock floors being used more frequently in not only residential but also commercial properties, as it is both attractive, durable and cost effective.

Timbers & Styles

Wonderful exotic timbers were often used to produce these exquisite floors and were imported from every corner of the world to meet demand throughout Europe and America.  Many of these timbers cannot be seen in plank flooring, as they did not lend themselves to being cut into planks. In addition they were often to rare to make them viable for mass produced flooring.

Reclaimed and salvaged woodblock and parquet floors can be laid in a multitude of patterns but the main pattern used are Chevron, Herringbone - single and double, Basket weave and Versailles

Where to find reclaimed Parquet and woodblock floors

Wilsons reclaimed Herringbone floors are mainly salvage from properties such as schools, military bases, industrial buildings, factories and institutions - to name but a few.

We go the extra mile to source unique wooden flooring for our customers.

Our customers

We supply both private and commercial customers with reclaimed parquet flooring. These range from individuals looking to add that rich “Wow” factor to their hall, living room or Kitchen, right the way through to commercial customers for shops, restaurants, boutiques bars etc. Recent customers include Mary Portas – House of Frazer London, Retro Shabby chic plus Urban Outfitters in both the U.K. and U.S.A.

Why buy Reclaimed Parquet flooring

Besides the obvious – They are beautiful and also Eco friendly – old reclaimed floors are generally made from wonderful, slow grown timbers and have gone through a process of aging for many years. This makes them very stable, generally harder with tighter more attractive grain patterns than new parquet floors. Added to this, often the materials that these are made from are simply no longer available.

Eco Friendly flooring

Reclaimed Parquet and woodblock floors are the perfect environmentally ethical floor option.  There is zero risk of rain forest being decimated to make your floor or material being transported all over the world leaving a carbon trail. It’s a great opportunity to give beautiful materials a second chance.

Trends and styles

Recent high street trends such as the industrial Urban look have lead to parquet and woodblock floors being presented in a slightly rustic, heavily lived in look. This is only truly achievable by using reclaimed timbers. We can supply parquet to you that instantly creates that lived in casual look that will transform your property of project. The positive to this style is that if you decide to change the look, you can simply sand the floor and apply a varnish or finish oil and create a more elegant, rich opulent look.

Under floor heating

Parquet flooring is compatible with under floor heating.

We hope you enjoy looking through our website and that you find the perfect floor for your home or project. Please feel free to call us on ++ 44 (0) 2892692304 for more detailed information or guidance.


Please note that unless stated "pre finished" all floors are dispatched in their raw form, and will require finishing on site.

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