Reclaimed Bangor Blue Roof Slates

Reclaimed Bangor Blue Roof Slates 

Reclaimed roofing slate is a superb eco-friendly way to give your home an instant injection of timeless character. Many customers seek a reclaimed Bangor Blue roof slates for style and colour, that is only achieved by the weathering process that takes place over time and gives great colour tones.

We currently supply clients throughout Ireland and the UK, and have also shipped to projects as far afield as New Zealand. Our client base would include not only private self-builders and construction companies, but also the National trust.

What are Bangor Blue Roof Slates?

At Wilson’s Yard, we source, select, and maintain large stocks of reclaimed Bangor Blue slates, frequently referred to in Southern Ireland as reclaimed Blue Bangor roof slates. Bangor blue roof slates are a reclaimed type of slate that can be added to your home to add that instant character and charm to your property. Purchasing reclaimed Bangor Blue roof slates is approximately half of the price of new Bangor Blue slates.

Here at Wilson's Yard, we are recognized as Ireland’s largest stockist of reclaimed Bangor Blue roofing slates and all our reclaimed slates are sourced for quality and strength, with each slate being hand-picked by our team.

How long do reclaimed roof slates last?

Reclaimed roof slates are commonly known to last up to 500 years. In most cases, reclaimed tiles are known to outlast other components of your roof, which tend to deteriorate over time.

Are there different types of reclaimed roof slates?

At Wilson's Yard, we stock a variety of reclaimed roofing slates including, Westmorland Green roof slate, salvaged Welsh Grey roof slate, and salvaged Norwegian Green roof slate.

We pride ourselves in our wide stock of reclaimed slates, which allows us to provide continuity of both size and colour, assuring that your roof will not be a mix and match of conflicting colours. Our slates are all individually hand-picked and sorted then re-boxed in new bespoke crates all standing vertically to ensure safe transportation.

If you want to know about our collection of reclaimed roof slates, get in touch with the team of experts at Wilson's Yard.