What Is Reclaimed Bangor Blue Roof slates?

Bangor Blue roof slates are without doubt the most used roof slates. They offer a unique look and appearance with beautiful colours and tones. Reclaimed Blue Bangor roof slates are roof slates salvaged from a period property or building, which are then re-used on new builds, conversions, or restoration projects.

Why Use Reclaimed Bangor Blues or Any Reclaimed Slate For My Project ?

Bangor Blue roof slates are the best roofing slates avilable on the market and they just look better! It really is  that simple. They are not the leading roofing slate throughout the world for no reason. Hardwearing natural Welsh roof slate is the staple that all other roofing products aspire to be.

However genuine new Welsh Bangor Blue roof slates come with a hefty price.

Wilsons reclaimed Bangor Blue roof slates are usually half the price and in some cases  more than half the price of new Welsh slate, making them a perfect option for any project.

Lifespan of Welsh roof slates are well over hundreds of years, this gives reassurance that your reclaimed roof slates will adorn your property for your lifetime, and many family generations after you. Bangor Blue slates are still present on roofs of buildings that were built in the 1600's.

Wilsons Yard with over 30years of experience in sourcing and providing Reclaimed slates, are now one of, if not the top providers of reclaimed roof slates.

All our slates are top quality and handpicked for our customers.

Reclaimed Roof slates will add instant character to a new build period property, or blend into a sympathetic restoration project.

Which Type of Reclaimed Roof Slate Is Best for My Project?

At Wilsons we offer a great range of reclaimed roof slates for our customers. We stock Reclaimed Bangor Blue, Reclaimed Welsh grey slates, Westmorland roof slates and Norwegian Green slates.

At Wilsons we can arrange a meeting to discuss your project and show you the different types of reclaimed slates on offer.

We can provide samples for you to take away to discuss on site, along with quotes based on your sizes or plan drawings.

We endeavour to supply the customer with a batch of slates that have all been salvaged from the 1 roof or property.

This means you can be assured that they have not been gathered up from 4 or 5 different roofs, though we can advise you on using different sizes and batches if you want your property to look like it has evolved over the last 100 years.