Bangor blue slates have been quarried for over 600 years from the Penrhyn Quarry in North Wales.

Bangor Blue slates are estimated to be over 600 million years old and formed during the Cumbrian Period.

The Cumbrian period in Earths History is a time when there was no animals or humans walking our planet.

Bangor Blue slates have been cooking in our Earth for millions of years making them extremely durable, denser, harder than other slates.

Other roofing slates have not gone through the same “baking time” as Bangor Blue slates, therefore they are not as hard, as dense, or as durable as Bangor Blues.

Bangor Blue slates have a very low water absorption, they are close to being nonporous.

Using Reclaimed Bangor blue roof slates offers a great saving as they are close to half the price of a new Bangor Blue roof slate.

Lifespan of Bangor Blue roof slates are hundreds of years, Many Cathedrals and buildings of great stature, still adorn their original slates that were installed during the 1600’s.

At Wilsons we only source top quality reclaimed Bangor Blue slates for our customers.

All our reclaimed slates are carefully stacked and packed into new slate crates for transportation to site.

Using Reclaimed Bangor Blue roof slates reduces your projects or property’s carbon footprint.

Reclaimed roof slates are a recycled material making them environmentally friendly.