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Industrial Lighting

The demand for Industrial Lighting has rocketed recently as designers have show cased a modern look by incorporating Vintage industrial lights into some stunning projects.



This is very evident in trendy Bars, restaurants and Boutiques and shops such as Urban outfitters and Jack Wolfskin to name a few.

Industrial Lighting Styles

Enameled Lights

The most widely recognised old industrial light fittings are those with an enameled finish.

The most predominant colours are green enamel or black enamel and occasionally white enamel or gray enamel.

The largest proportion of these where manufactured by G.E.C the old General Electric Company.

Wilsons Yard source most of their Vintage light fittings from demolition sites throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

This includes old building such as the old Rover Long bridge plant in England and Great Northern Railway station.

Ships lights

Other interesting lights that fall into the industrial look are old salvage ships lights. These lights are often made from an alloy rather than having a painted finish.

Due to the environment that these had been used in, they are often very dull when initially salvaged.

At we generally have our ships lights hand polished or burnished to bring out the dramatic look of these stylish vintage lights.

Theatre Lights

Occasionally we can find old theatre lights. These are normally either black or polished steel or alloy.

Buying industrial lighting

Prior to being presented for sale, our industrial lights are tested, rewired or were appropriate -fittings are replaces with current light fittings.

We hope you enjoy viewing or current stock.

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