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Wilsons Yard Heritage cast iron gate range are made today using the same time - honoured foundry techniques.



Our range of cast iron gates are based on Victorian originals dating from 1897.

Cast iron gates are manufactured using traditional foundry techniques. Metal is heated to liquid form then poured into a cast mould, allowed to cool, removed and then hand rubbed to finish before priming.

This process allows for a great level of detail in the casting that most other gate fabrications cannot replicate.

Solid cast iron gates are very heavy to the touch, inviting and create a dramatic look at front of house.

Heritage cast iron driveway gates come in a range of sizes and styles to suit most modern-day homes.

12ft & 14ft widths are available along with various heights ranging from 5ft5” to 7ft” tall, to cater for most property designs.

All our cast iron gates come with matching posts and railings. Cast iron pillars have been modified to comply with underground gate automation systems. Making installation on site a breeze.

Cast iron gate Designs vary to suit any modern-day new build or restoration project. The Victorian “Sterling cast iron gate” is a bold but elegant design, with simple straight bars and rail finials.

The “Harley” has fantastic detailing featuring beautiful scroll patterns across the front.

We hope you enjoying browsing our complete range of Heritage cast iron gates. 

“Wrought iron” is the phrase that is commonly used to refer to blacksmith-made decorative ironwork.

Wrought Iron gates were made by Blacksmiths heating metal in a forge, and then bending and shaping it with traditional forge tools. Sadly, these skills and much of this iron work has disappeared.

At Wilsons Yard we salvage and source old original wrought iron gates for our customers.

These old entrance gates are very heavy to the touch and have stunning craftmanship, making them very much sought after.

Often old iron entrance gates will have their makers stamp and date of fabrication forged into the iron work, your own little bit of history for your home.

Installing an old original period style driveway gate is a truly unique purchase, chances being that your gates will most likely be the only remaining set today.

Old gates can be a vital part to the restoration of a property, big or small. We all know first impressions are everything.

Old restored driveway gates can help transport your guest and visitors back in time, setting the mood and creating the scene.

Most wrought iron driveway gates can be automated to suit todays modern homes, they are also compatible with most of our gate pillar range.

We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of period iron gates

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