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Antique Wooden Fireplaces

   Created from the finest materials by master craftsmen



19TH century wood workers and carvers created beautiful wooden fireplaces to showcase their skills.

Using a range of woods such as Mahogany, Oak, and Walnut they created wonderful fireplace which were to be the centre piece and focal point of a room.

The best examples of these stunning fireplaces are still admired and sought after today.

Where to find beautiful Antique fireplaces

At Wilsons we continue to source and salvage the very best wooden fireplaces for our customers. Beautiful antique English Oak chimney pieces, Antique Pine Georgian fireplaces to small wooden Parlour fireplaces

Over time many wooden fireplaces have been hand painted to try and blend in with their new room designs, this is the reason today we see so many beautiful fireplaces underneath layers of bad paint.

Sometimes painting would improve the fireplace whilst other times it would not. Wilsons Yard restoration team evaluate each piece, deciding the level of restoration required or if the vintage fireplace should be French polished, waxed, oiled, or be painted.

Wilsons yard range of wooden fireplaces include below…

Georgian fireplaces

Victorian fireplaces

Arts and crafts fireplaces

Edwardian fireplaces

English Oak fireplaces

Antique carved wooden fireplace

French Fireplaces

Bolection moulded

Art Décor or Art Nouveax

Cottage fireplaces

time, developing more simple lines and rounded columns such as Bolection mouldings, all created with the finest slow grown timbers.


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4 Products

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