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Antique Cast Iron Fireplaces

Why are old cast iron fireplaces sought after?



In the 18th and 19th century Britain raced ahead of the world in terms of metal technology. 

Using the advanced casting techniques of the time, foundries such as Colebrookdale created the most beautiful exquisitely detailed cast iron chimney pieces. 

These were exported all over the globe and are still extremely sought after.

Where to find old cast iron fireplaces

Our buyers at Wilsons Yard are always searching and salvaging these wonderful cast-iron fireplaces so that our customer can enjoy these stunning chimney pieces.

We use traditional techniques in the restoration of our fireplaces and sympathetically restore to keep as authentic as possible.

Years of loving care by past generations and use in warming homes results in antique Cast iron fireplaces developing a beautiful Patina, one that modern day replicas cannot compare.

Wilsons Yard Fireplaces

We are arguably one of the best sources in the UK and Ireland for finding old cast iron fireplaces. We generally have on display at our showroom cast iron fireplaces from all eras, in all styles and sizes.

Some examples are listed below…

Cast iron tiled fireplace, also known as combination fireplaces

Cast iron parlour fireplace

Victorian chimney pieces

Edwardian cast iron fireplaces

Cast Iron fireplace surrounds

Cast Iron inserts

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