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Everyday Furniture

 Wilsons Yard collection of everyday furniture is just that! A collect mix of everyday furniture items that is most commonly throughout our homes.



Antique furniture, vintage furniture and period style furniture are a perfect choice for adding character to your home.

Vintage leather sofas and settees have a unique patina that new leather furniture cannot replicate, making them instant focal points within any room.

Wilsons antique furniture or our bespoke free-standing furniture with classic period styling, is available in a range of styles and sizes. Perfect for those looking a traditional dresser or bookcase for their home.

Our Everyday furniture section will contain most items one needs for core interior design items.

Antique coffee tables

Side servers / hall tables

Freed standing furniture

Dressers / bookcases

Table lamps

Writing desks

Decorative boxes and small items.

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  1. Vintage wooden pitch pine bench Out of Stock
  2. Very large Chinese porcelain plate Sale
    Very large Chinese porcelain plate
    Product Code: FI717
    Special Price £480.00 Regular Price £650.00
    (+ VAT)
  3. Pair of tan leather chairs
    Product Code: FIss46bf

230 Products Show All

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