Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving
Product Code: T-S-Y23
(+ VAT)

Reclaimed Custom House Square paving flags
Product Code: T-S-WP1
(+ VAT)

Ashford paving
Product Code: PS-SB
(+ VAT)

Reclaimed Quarry Tiles 12" X 12"
Product Code: SPQ12x12
(+ VAT)

Wilsons Yard specialise in the supply of reclaimed paving flags, paving slabs, cobbles stones and granite kerbs.

Our range of reclaimed paving is complemented with our collection of natural stone paving.

Reclaimed granite and Basalt street cobbles are extremely durable and offer instant character to any driveway.

Granite kerbs finish any paving job or patio area.

Our paving stones and paving slabs are ideally suited for outdoor areas such as patios, yards, courtyards, garden paths, walkways and driveways.

But they can also add a beautiful rustic feel to conservatories, sunrooms, kitchens and restaurants.

Over the years we have supplied numerous projects with paving stones and flagstone slabs. Our client base includes Historic Monument Groups, The National Trust, Award winning Landscape Designers and Architects, but we pride ourselves in providing the same quality products and service to our many private customers. Whether it’s a Castle or a Cottage, we have the paving slabs to suit your needs.

We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of paving