Depth of paving foundations

It is recommended foundations for garden pavers need to be at least 150mm deep.

Can pavers take heavy weights?

Pavers under 50mm of thickness will not be suitable for use in a driveway.

Wilsons recommend using a professional landscape contractor for any landscaping project such as Garden Innovations 07702132920 to best advise on pavers that are suitable for your project.

How much paving do I need?

At Wilsons yard our team of paving stone specialists are on hand to provide you with quantities based on your sizes given or plan drawings. We will work out an accurate measurement for you for the paving you require.

How do I prevent weeds from growing in my paving or driveway?

If you want to prevent weed growth underneath paving flags or driveway cobbles, you will have to ensure the sub grade is completely clear of vegetation before you lay the pavers.

Using a specialist landscaping company such as Garden Innovations can explain more detailed options such as different jointing compounds to combat the growth of weeds.

Which is better Reclaimed or New paving?

This is a matter of taste and opinion. Reclaimed paving stones such as Reclaimed York stone paving do require a bit of extra work to lay correctly.

Whilst they do require some extra work, the finished look and texture of reclaimed paving stone is unique and without doubt beautiful.

Natural freshly quarried sandstone paving comes in a range of shades and textures.

Natural paving stone is cheaper than reclaimed stone due to its availability. Sandstone paving flags come in patio packs, and a range of sizes to easily create patio paving.

At Wilsons we recommend if possible, a visit to our yard to view all our paving stones on display.

Can I lay paving stones myself?

Yes, paving can be easily laid by any DIYer if they have the right tools and have planned and prepared for the job. Visit our “How to lay paving stone “section to get some advice

Stone Paving discolouring?

Natural stone will slightly fade over time due to weathering and direct sunlight. Concrete based pavers that are colour dyed, fade more quickly than natural stone pavers.

Will spillages such as oils or drinks stain my paving stone?

As with any stone or paver is it spillages are not cleaned will soak into the stone and create areas of discolouration.

The quicker you can clean a spillage the less chance it will create a permanent mark.

Paving protection products are available from most hardware stores, these products can offer and extra layer of protection for your paving.

Do I need to order in advance?

It is usually a 1-2 days before we can dispatch any paving order, some paving options can be dispatched on the same day.

Due to stock constantly changing it is best practice to give us a call to get an accurate timescale for your order on 02892 692304

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