Reclaimed fireplace & stove timber beams

At Wilsons yard salvage and reclamation is our passion. For over 30 years we have been sourcing reclaimed timber beams and wooden mantels for our customers.

Reclaimed timber is salvaged from various of types of projects, old barn buildings with weathered roof trusses, old railway stations, estate & manor houses are just some of the unique and wonderful places we find these stunning timbers.

Earth’s natural resources are in a real state of crisis, never has there been such a high demand. Using reclaimed timbers eases the stress on these resources.

Many homeowners today including newbuilds and conversion properties are more sympathetic to reducing carbon within their home.

Reclaimed wooden beams, trusses and fireplace mantels remove the need to fell new trees.

Salvaged wooden beams have a unique patina that new timber cannot replicate, due to age and exposure.

Original wooden beams have been exposed to the changing environment for more than often 100+ years.

In this time the timber has been weathered creating a beautiful patina, ideal for using in today’s modern homes as a statement feature piece.

Wilsons Yard Mossvale wood works is home to our dedicated team of master woodsmen, who turn these old original wooden beams into stunning fireplace and mantels for our customers.

No two pieces of timber are the same meaning your beautiful timber fireplace beam is truly a one-off piece.

Reclaimed Oak, Pine are our most common types of wood beams although we do have others.

All timber Beams are worked by hand, again driving down carbon emissions to make an eco-friendly home furniture piece.

Cast iron stoves are complete once a timber beam is installed above adding charm to the overall look.  Reclaimed fireplace beams not only help create a country living look, but they also work well within any design.

We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of reclaimed timber fireplace & stove beams.