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Plank & Strip Flooring

Looking for a unique wooden flooring with wonderful history, beautifully seasoned antique wood? 



Well perhaps you should seriously consider salvaged or reclaimed plank flooring.

What is Reclaimed Flooring plank flooring ?

Reclaimed flooring is old flooring boards that have had a previous life as original floors in Ireland and the United Kingdom’s commercial, residential and industrial buildings. As these old buildings come to the end of their life cycle, and fall prey to the demolition ball, the old floor boards are carefully salvaged and dispatched to Wilsons yard where they are painstakingly sorted, de-nailed, trimmed and stick lathed by our team of recycling specialist.

Over salvaged floorboards lifetime they go through a seasoning process which deepens their colour year on year, this gives them a colour and character unique to Reclaimed Flooring

The majority of these old floor boards were produced from top quality timbers and harvested at a time when there was much less pressure on the world’s natural resources. Today in the 21st century thankfully many of these wonderful natural forests are protected.

By choosing reclaimed flooring you are not only helping to recycle an original material potentially destined for landfill sites but also from an Eco friendly perspective helping to reduce the strain on the worlds overstretched natural resource (Hence the name Eco friendly).

At Wilsons Yard we maintain a large stock of Antique Wooden Floorboards including reclaimed pines, reclaimed French Oak, reclaimed Amish Barn Oak, Russian Barn Oak, reclaimed Mahogany and Maples

What is a reclaimed re-sawn wooden floor board

Reclaimed re-sawn wooden flooring boards are made from antique beams salvaged from Factory buildings and old Mills built over the last 200 years.

Many of these building are demolished once they come to the end of their usable life span, resulting in these amazing beams being exposed, giving you and I an opportunity to utilise this incredible old timber.

History of reclaimed re-sawn wooden flooring boards

In order to really appreciate this reclaimed flooring, it is important to understand the history behind the timber.

The beams that the boards are cut from will have been in situ seasoning in buildings for well over 100 years. The trees that they were produced from will have grown slowly and naturally in America or Canada for hundreds of years. They were then felled by two men using a large handsaw, moved by horses, barges and trains to ports. They were then loaded onto Tall ships or Steamers and shipped across the Atlantic at some point between circa 1820 and 1890.

Once in Britain and Ireland, they were used to build the Mills, factories and foundries that helped create the Industrial Revolution, which went on to spread throughout Europe and North America creating the wealth that developed many countries


Please note that unless stated "pre finished" all floors are dispatched in their raw form, and will require finishing on site.

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