Upon arrival at Wilsons our salvaged reclaimed timber beams are sympathetically striped and sanded to bring out their original quality. We give each beam unique and special attention to bring out its character and natural colour. We do not sand the beams back to new wood, as this would lose the natural aging that has taken place.

Within our skilled team of people we have a specialist team of wood workers,with a wealth of experience of working with reclaimed timber.

It is in these skilled hands that bring out the best of these salvaged woods and timbers. Each individual piece of wood is rich with age and full of character.

Using 19th century tools our wood workers use skills passed down from generation to generation, to transform these specialised timbers into pieces of beauty.

If you are looking for a fireplace beam, a beam for above a cooker, or a feature beam in the kitchen, we will be able to offer you one of our handcrafted wooden beams that is guaranteed to become a main feature within your home or project.


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Getting that perfect wooden fireplace mantle or wooden beam for your home couldn’t be easier. Our friendly staff are able to help and advise you on picking the perfect piece of reclaimed timber to suit your needs.

A few dimensions are normally all we need, but we can accommodate most sizes..

Our Main yard on the A1 carriage way carry a large stock of Reclaimed wooden beams that are ready to go in a range of sizes.

If you need a timber beam a browse through are stock beams is a must as chances are you will fall in love with one of our timber mantels on display.Contact details for our timber yard are below




Old Wooden Beams & Fireplace Beams

Wilsons carry a large selection of original 17th, 18th and 19th and 20th century reclaimed wooden beams and supply these thought out the UK and Ireland.

About Old Wooden Beams

Many of these old Oak beams and Pine beams were originally harvested from native forest stock in North America and British Columbia. These where often obtained for the construction of the huge Wool Mills, Linen Mills, Pottery’s, Brewery’s and Factories that sprang up throughout Ireland and Britain during the Industrial Revolution. These old slow grown wooden beams were renowned for their quality and strength. 


Salvaging and Recycling

With many of the old building now reaching the end of their natural life cycle, we have the opportunity to Salvage and reclaim these amazing old timbers.  Each timber beam is unique and is only available to us today, as a result of hundreds of years of nature’s natural seasoning. 

With almost 40 years’ experience in sources and recycling these beautiful old timbers, we will be able to provide you with the help and advice that you need. 

Over the years we have supplied numerous wood beams for both Decorative and Structural applications, in projects as varied as Hotels, Bars and Restaurants, as well as period homes and barn conversions. So, whether it’s a Castle or a Cottage, or terrace, we have the wooden beam to suit you.


Ordering and Finishes

We stock beam that are pre finished and are ready to go, plus others that can be ordered and finished to your size and colour.

You can simply pick a pre finished wooden beam that suits your needs and take it away with you. Alternatively, you can give our timber yard your specific requirements and they will select the timbers that suit your needs.

Our team will then discuss with you how you would like the beam finished. I will be sympathetically sand by hand to bring out its original grain and beauty, or shot blasted if you wish it to have a textured finish. The finishing colour / shade can be selected, bearing in mind that these are old natural materials and finish my vary.


Wish to order or discuss

Please feel free to contact us by email info@wilsonsyard.com or telephone us on 02892699191 to discuss your requirement.