Old Irish gates with pillars
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Antique Irish entrance gates Old Irish gates with pillars Antique Irish gates and pillars Old Irish farm gates Old gates

Magnificent period Irish entrance gates and pillars

Magnificent period Irish entrance gates and pillars (circa1900) stamped by makers name "J.Dornan" sympathetically extended.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I automate my gates & how much will it cost?

Yes Cast iron gates can be automated there are two ways to automate the gates. You can use a ram arm which is the cheapest method. Downside to the ram system is that it will be visible through the gate. Alternatively you can use an underground automation motor and sit the gate on a shoe on the arm of the motor.

We supply all automation options as well as keypads and accessories; we can advise which option would suit your gate best. We are a main distributor of DEA (Market leader) automation and can offer great deals on all our automation kits.

The gates will not fit my driveway opening?

There are a number of ways that we can fit your gates. Matching railing panels can be provided to fill in the gaps if your drive opening is too big, once completed there will be no visual appearance different to a complete gate. For very large driveways pedestrian gates can be added or panels, we have not yet supplied gates have not been completed. If you would like to discuss this in more details please ring for a friendly chat

Will you install my gates? Automate or supply only?

We supply only!!! We have an independent list of installers and qualified tradesmen that have been fitting and installing gates for our customers over many years and continue to do so.

Works that can be undertaken by our independent team of experts are as follows

Complete civil works (any ground work needed done before gates can be installed) this can include digger, concrete etc

Gate install

Welding, fabrication,

Electrics, automation

Basically any job can be completed no matter how tough please ring for details.

Gates are not painted why?

Cast iron gates are very heavy even with the upmost care and diligence it is quite likely that they will get scratched, if they were supplied with final paint finish this would compromise the finished look. Our cast iron gates are supplied with a primed finish ready for the final top coat. This should be done once gates have been installed and completed.

What type of paint should I use?

Any anti rust paint can be used which can be purchased at any local hardware store.