Garden features , designs & inspiration

At Wilson's our team is full of Garden fanatics! and this is probably one of the reason’s why our selected garden ideas are always a great success with Gardeners.

We have pulled together some simple garden ideas and features chosen by our budding team of Gardeners for you.

We cover all garden scales, from small to large, simple to grand, plus have included some of those little individual items / finishing touches that make all the difference.
We hope you enjoy browsing our selected products and get some inspiration for your very own garden haven.


Cast Iron Benches 4 seat
Product Code: GF259
(+ VAT)

Pair of Antique Fern & Blackberry cast iron garden set
Product Code: GFss11qqq

Roll Top Garden Bench
Product Code: GF312
(+ VAT)

Fold up slotted bench seat
Product Code: FI587
(+ VAT)

Barrel Seat Set & Table
Product Code: FI308
Special Price £450.00 Regular Price £550.00
(+ VAT)

Cast Iron Regency Benches
Product Code: GF-8
(+ VAT)

Ex soviet union Communist park benches
Product Code: GFsovbench
(+ VAT)

Cast Iron Bench 3 seat
Product Code: GF259-1
(+ VAT)


Lovely Aged Garden Stone Trough
Product Code: GFss51w

Wonderful original 19th century country house Horse trough
Product Code: GFss79ttt

Vintage garden planters on plinths
Product Code: GFss70ttt

Magnificent pair of very large decorative cast iron urns
Product Code: GFss48ttt

Petite antique cast iron Urn on plinth
Product Code: GFss3www

Vintage European galvanised Jelly tub
Product Code: GFjellytub
(+ VAT)

Very Large Stone Trough
Product Code: GFss54JJJ

Huge Circular Galvanised Planters from London
Product Code: GF338
(+ VAT)

Unusual D ended pump trough
Product Code: GFss64ttt

Nicely aged 19th century Lincoln stone trough
Product Code: GFss67ttt


Vintage French Metal Wall Clock
Product Code: GFss14NNN

The Barley Twist Sundial
Product Code: T84
(+ VAT)

Beautifully restored vintage Dovecote
Product Code: GFss37vvv

Pair of stone pointer / hunting dogs
Product Code: GF280
(+ VAT)

Beautiful handmade 3 tier dove cote
Product Code: GF401
(+ VAT)

The Oak King Garden wall Plaque
Product Code: GFoakking
(+ VAT)

Magnificent recumbent stone lion on plinth
Product Code: GFss54ttt

Vintage cast iron Barley crushing machine
Product Code: GF200
(+ VAT)

Vintage Copper Topped Cupola
Product Code: GF66
(+ VAT)

Stone Barley Twist Birdbath
Product Code: GF130
(+ VAT)

Pair of Georgian stone lions circa 1800.
Product Code: GFss49ttt

Early 20th century lead Putti Fountain on stone plinth
Product Code: GFss2ttt

Stone wall Gargoyles
Product Code: GFsg
(+ VAT)

Antique style stone Garden temple ex - display
Product Code: T25
(+ VAT)

Pair of recumbent lions
Product Code: GFss2www

Early 20th century lead Putti fountain
Product Code: GFss83sss

An Attractive Pair of Finely Tooled Georgian Staddle Stones
Product Code: GF379
(+ VAT)

Bath stone garden sundial
Product Code: GF425
(+ VAT)

Pair of stone horses head sold ref inv no: 107462
Product Code: GF245
(+ VAT)
Out of stock

Large vintage circular metal garden clock
Product Code: GFss49LLL-1

Fantastic antique garden wheel barrow
Product Code: GFss5www

Large beautiful mossed staddle stone
Product Code: GF423
(+ VAT)

Petite Vintage Dove Cots
Product Code: GF355
(+ VAT)


Recycled Kadai Fire Bowl 60cm
Product Code: KFB2
(+ VAT)

Hand Made Kadai Fire Bowl 60cm - cannot get anymore
Product Code: KFB1
(+ VAT)
Out of stock

Large metal firebowl / firepit
Product Code: GFfirebowl
(+ VAT)
Out of stock


Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving
Product Code: T-S-Y23
(+ VAT)

Tinted Mint Paving
Product Code: C-DS-T
(+ VAT)

Reclaimed Belfast Rail Yard Cobbles.
Product Code: RBRY-Cobble
(+ VAT)

Sagar Black Sandstone paving / flagging
Product Code: PS-SB
(+ VAT)

Greysham Sandstone Paving / Flags
Product Code: C-DS-G
(+ VAT)

Black Limestone Paving
Product Code: PS-FS
(+ VAT)