Whats hot leather furniture


So, what’s on trend these days?

Lead by fashion centres such as London, Paris and NYC, old leather furniture remains in vogue and is used to create that casual relaxed feel so prevalent in trendy cafés and bars.  This look is often adopted but toned down a little for home design.

High fashionista’s often go for the more rustic and worn leather items – in fact the more rustic the better.  Whilst those looking for individuality and comfort tend to select worn Chesterfields and classical buttoned armchairs in red or green, rather than going all out rustic.

We hope that our selection of “WHATS HOT”  helps to provide inspiration for those looking to source and use Vintage leather furniture to enhance ongoing projects & designs.

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So what’s on trend

Recent trends suggest retro leather furniture is still very much on trend.

Large cosmopolitan cities such as London generally set the trends for the rest of the country. Vintage leather chesterfield sofas for example continue to enhance many a store throughout London’s busy fashionable boutiques and coffee shops, helping to creating that vintage urban casual style. This style has now moved to casual homes trends. We are continually sourcing antique leather items, from vintage settees, old leather armchairs, leather Chesterfield suites, leather topped writing desks and even funky leather bicycle stools.

Each customer has their own preferences when looking at leather, levels of ware, colour, polished or dull. In our eyes there is no comparison in vintage and antique leather furniture. Old pieces seem to tell a story through its appearance, a story that cannot be told by a

Please browse our list of current Leather items that we have marked as HOT!!