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Wilsons Yard stocks a wide and varied range of both Antique lights and Antique Chandeliers.

We are continually sourcing period lighting throughout Ireland, The United Kingdom, France and Europe.

Our range of lighting covers not only Georgian and Victorian Electroliers (Antique candelabras converted to electricity) but also the Arts and Craft and also Art Deco Period.

Many of these Vintage Pieces were created by Master Craftsmen of their era which is evident in the quality of these pieces.

Our Vintage Lighting is checked and tested by qualified electrician before being offered for sale.

We hope you enjoy viewing our stock.



We do not supply bulbs as standard with our lights fittings.

Long gone are the days when the only bulb option was to have Clear or Pearl bulbs. Today there is a huge selection of different styles, shapes, colours and power ratings.



All are light fitting are assessed, reworked and tested. Our lights will have standard bulb fittings and you will be able to source bulbs from a standard electrical outlet or internet. As with all electrical fittings (new or old) these should be fitted by a qualified electrician.



At Wilsons Yard, we specialise in classical chandelier light fittings or old industrial lights. Unlike new mass produce lights, these obviously don’t come in a manufactures box. We always do our best to find a recycled box to put your light fittings in but recommend that you bring an old blanket or quilt to wrap them in to protect your fittings. Our environment is under enough pressure without adding additional waste packaging!