"Bespoke Prefinishing of Reclaimed Timbers To Meet Our Customers Requirements" 100% RECYCLED

wilsonsyard pre finished wood flooring

100 + year old timber during its lifetime has undergone a weathering process from the environment it lived in. 

It is this weathering process that gives each reclaimed piece of timber its own unique colour tones and appearances,

This process over many many years cannot be replicated by modern day equivalents.

At Wilsons we continually source and reclaim these old timber beams and floors for our customers.

In todays throw away society we take great pride that we can offer 100% recycled products for our customers.

Beautiful reclaimed timber is only half the story, as a stunning piece of Amish Oak in the wrong hands could be ruined forever..

See below how our dedicated team do it.




Wilsons yard commercial shop fitting products

Sourcing and working with beautiful reclaimed wood and beams requires experience hands that can treat each piece of timber with the respect it deserves.

 At Wilsons our dedicated woodsmen have a wealth of experience working with reclaimed timber. De nailing and removing unwanted dirt whilst protecting the grain is a challenging job and only one that can be done with trained eyes.

Each piece of reclaimed timber is sympathetically brought back to life ready for it's new home.

Creating bespoke wood flooring & beams is done by our master craftsmen using  techniques & oils, carefully  enchancing the grain to be visually bold and appealing or subtle  and subdue. 

Any Bespoke finish can be created using our recycled reclaimed wood flooring.


At Wilsons our state of the art joinery workshop is the only one of its kind in Europe, allowing our Reclaimed klin dried cured flooring, bespoke finished for our customer requirements. 

Once a floor has been chosen any finsh can be selected and will be manufactured to suit protected with  the most durable finish.

Reclaimed wood flooring can now be transformed into countless options allowing designers to transfrom interior spaces using this beautiful wood.

Selecting colours and finishes could not be easier, our dedicated timber woodsmen can help selected oils based on customers preference. Extra protection can also be tailored for in high usage sapces where only the toughest finish will work.



Salvaged wood was harvested many years ago new tress have been planted and are now fully grown since then. If all the building projects throughout the world started to use more and more reclaimed wood, demand and reduction of carbon would certainly help the environment.

 Each piece of reclaimed wood flooring not only has the added bonus of a eco friendly product, but also it comes packed with history.

 Often wood flooring will be salvaged from many history rich or derelict properties that have a lot of history themselves.

 Salvaged wood flooring from the Guinness factory in Ireland, reclaimed plank flooring from RAF barracks in Norfolk endless storys and packed with character.

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