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Baths- New Cast Iron

At Wilsons yard we appreciate that some people simply prefer new baths rather than a restored piece

We have selected a number of beautiful original baths and had these replicated, so that everyone can enjoy these timeless styles. All our baths are freestanding and will not require paneling and are ready to install. Models include

  • Large French baths such as the Versailles with its elegant ornate feet and side mounted taps.
  • The Bataeu (French boat bath) with is skirted sides.
  • The Double ended slipped, with both ends sweeping up and slightly dipping in the centre.
  • The petite single ended slipped for those of us who space is an issue but don’t want to compromise on quality or style.


All these baths can be supplied with a white exteriors that you can repaint, alternatively we can have them finished in your desired colours.


These can be delivered thought the UK and Ireland