Best Architectural Salvage Yard 2016 – UK & Ireland

Best Architectual Salavge Yard 2016

We would like to thank everyone who voted for Wilsons Yard as the Best Architectural Salvage Yard 2016 – UK & Ireland in the Sustainable Building Awards 2016.

We are very proud of what we do and blessed with the wonderful people who visit our premises and website. We also want to mention all our wonderful suppliers and salvagers around the world, who work with us to find all the beautiful, interesting, unique items that fill our shop.  

Below is an extract from the magazine saying a little bit about Wilsons Yard

“Wilsons Conservation Building Products (Wilsons Yard) are widely recognised as one of the United Kingdom and Ireland’s premier architectural salvage and design businesses. We profile this dynamic and professional firm and explore how it came to win this prestigious accolade.

Wilsons Yard is a family business that has been built up over the past four decades. Living up to its company slogan, “Purveyors of the unusual” the firm offers a vast selection of reclaimed and sustainable materials which is arguably the biggest in the UK and Ireland. Owners Geoffrey and Rosie Wilson pride themselves in the diverse nature of the business; catering for both commercial and private customers wishing to find interesting, individual yet functional items to build into their homes or businesses.

best salvage yard 2016 wilsons yard

Best Architectural Salvage Yard 2016 – UK & Ireland

With a reputation for supplying quality materials, the business has continually expanded year on year. Wilsons Yard combines two main areas:

Structural “build in” items such as reclaimed flooring, reclaimed Bangor blue slates, salvaged bricks, restored cast iron radiators, reclaimed paving etc.

A decorative side, supplying anything from vintage, Industrial Urban and antique items, Industrial lighting, reclaimed wall cladding, tables and more.

The business has become a must visit site for commercial architects, interior designers, shop fitters, creative individuals and Entrepreneurs who wish to embrace sustainability whilst using interesting individual products. Customers are as varied as international chains such as Urban Outfitters, corporations such as Google, Historic Royal Palaces plus the general public. Whilst many may not have visited Wilsons, there is a significant chance that you have seen products sourced from Wilsons Yard in restaurants, boutiques, shops or cafes that you will have visited.

Best salvage yard 2016

With architectural salvage being a relatively new phenomenon, one of the biggest challenges has always been the firm’s ability to get across our message to the general public as to what products and services it provides.

To address this, Wilsons Yard have developed a user-friendly website to act as a window which shows the majority of products and give potential customers an overview of the firm and its offerings.

The other challenge is that Designers and shop fitters do not actually share with others where that they get their materials from, they keep Wilsons Yard as their own ‘secret supplier’ (one of the best kept secrets in the UK). This highlights the firm’s excellence and, ultimately, why the firm makes the ideal supplier of construction, fit out and design materials.

With all of this it’s not hard to see why Wilsons Yard is the Best Architectural Salvage Yard 2016 – UK & Ireland”

Industrial Lights – Dublin

Industrial Lights - Wilsons Yard

Where to find Vintage Industrial Lights – Dublin

The lighting used in a project can have a massive effect on the overall outcome. You don’t want to meticulously choose stunning flooring, interesting decor and a funky colour scheme just to have it all hidden by sub-par lighting; conversely you don’t want to drown everything else out with blinding lights. It’s like walking a tightrope, but don’t fear! Wilsons Yard is here to help…

Using reclaimed, vintage, industrial lighting is one of the best ways that you can create the right feel and atmosphere for your commercial project. You will be able to choose lights that suit your style, look fantastic and help tie your whole design  together. Moreover you will be doing your bit for the environment by using reclaimed products – no new materials will have to be used, great for staying green!

Industrial Lights - Wilsons Yard

A lot of the industrial lights that we have supplied to customers in Dublin have come from the 20th century, and will be about for many years to come.

Bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and boutiques in Dublin are gravitating towards using salvaged materials to create a warm, interesting Urban interior avoiding having a “cold and clinical” feel that some businesses possess.

Industrial Lights - Wilsons Yard

By combining reclaimed wooden flooring, old salvaged brick along with vintage industrial lights, you can create a stunning boutique, restaurant, cafe or trendy workplace that your clients and staff will love!

Wilsons Yard source and supply a large number of vintage, industrial lights to Dublin and all over Ireland – with a range of different styles available.

Small to medium businesses can avail of our vintage cargo ships lights and Benzamin lights reclaimed from places such as Queens University, Belfast whereas larger premises can benefit from salvaged factory lights which have come from as far afield as Poland and Russia. Whatever style you are looking for we are sure to have something stunning to match your needs.

And it’s not just free-hanging lights that Wilsons Yard supply. An industrial style film crew spotlight could add illumination to your business while also creating an interesting feature piece. If there’s no room overhead to hang a light then why not try using a wall mounted bulk head light; after years of sailing from port to port you can give these unique lights a new home in your commercial project.

So if you need reclaimed industrial lights for your commercial project in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland then let Wilsons Yard light up your business, as well as your day.

Tel: 04892 692304


Kitchen Out Of Reclaimed Materials

Kitchen ideas – Make a kitchen out of reclaimed materials

Reclaimed kitchen materials ideas

Looking for low cost kitchen ideas, well, with a little imagination, some DIY skills and good quality reclaimed materials you can pull together a wonderful interesting kitchen.

For example, recently a chap popped in who was restoring a little seaside cottage on the edge of Carlingford Lough. He wanted to create an interesting living space with a look that complimented his lovely countryside retreat.

View of the lough CottageWe had a chat and looked at different reclaimed materials. As he was a builder by trade, it was clear that he would be more than capable of carrying out most of the work himself, therefore keeping costs down.

To make the structure of the kitchen he decided to use old reclaimed Belfast brick, that would also support a traditional old salvaged Belfast sink. Old antique timber beams were selected to make the work surfaces. These were joined together on site to give flexibility when actually building the kitchen.

We had some amazing old reclaimed boards that had originally been used to set large cheeses on to mature. The maturing cheese lightly bleached the surfaces to give a white almost limed appearance. We had used this in a number of Bar and restaurant projects as interesting reclaimed wall paneling. The chap really liked this idea for making his reclaimed kitchen doors.

The client sent in some pictures and we all thought he made a great job of restoring his cottage and making a kitchen out of reclaimed materials.  More importantly, the client was really please with how it all turned out.

So if you would like to create a low cost interesting kitchen and have DIY skills then why not visit and see what great, interesting reclaimed material you can find to make your reclaimed kitchen.

Here are a few inks to products used to make this reclaimed kitchen.

Reclaimed Brick

Reclaimed paneling


Flagstone floor



Thinking outside the box…

Table and Bench Project

Reclaimed Oak Parquet Table and Bench Set

Here at Wilsons Yard we are always looking for new ways to create interesting and unique products for our customers. This project was no different! Just before Christmas we were contacted by a young couple who wanted a table and bench set with a twist.

We create each piece of furniture with the client in mind; in this case it was for a young, trendy couple and we wanted to make sure that the table and bench reflected their own unique style. We looked at our range of timber that we have specially set aside for creating these tables/benches and chose a number of suitable options; however we felt that this didn’t capture the feel that the customers were after so we went back to the drawing board.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and this certainly proved to be the case as we decided to “think outside the box”. Reclaimed flooring is one of our largest selling items and in order to display the products to customers we will create a sample board showing the flooring in its final state.

This is a sample board created from oak woodblock/parquet

This is a sample board created from oak woodblock/parquet

This sample board was created to show our Oak woodblock/parquet flooring, and it certainly helped us move the product! So much so that we completely sold out of the flooring, however this still left us with the original sample board. Old sample board doing nothing?? Young, trendy couple looking for a unique, distinctive table?? A eureka moment was reached… Time to make a reclaimed table!

Our talented workshop staff were able to re-purpose (an already reclaimed) material into something completely different. This is a table with a difference, and will definitely stand out in this couples home creating a talking point for many dinner parties to come!

Nearly there…

As you can see the reclaimed oak parquet table and bench set is simply stunning; and absolutely a one-of-a-kind. We were as happy as couple who purchased the item, it’s always great to reach the end of a project and know that you have not only met, but surpassed, all the clients expectations. Now onto the next…