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Industrial Lights - Wilsons Yard

Where to find Vintage Industrial Lights – Dublin

The lighting used in a project can have a massive effect on the overall outcome. You don’t want to meticulously choose stunning flooring, interesting decor and a funky colour scheme just to have it all hidden by sub-par lighting; conversely you don’t want to drown everything else out with blinding lights. It’s like walking a tightrope, but don’t fear! Wilsons Yard is here to help…

Using reclaimed, vintage, industrial lighting is one of the best ways that you can create the right feel and atmosphere for your commercial project. You will be able to choose lights that suit your style, look fantastic and help tie your whole design  together. Moreover you will be doing your bit for the environment by using reclaimed products – no new materials will have to be used, great for staying green!

Industrial Lights - Wilsons Yard

A lot of the industrial lights that we have supplied to customers in Dublin have come from the 20th century, and will be about for many years to come.

Bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and boutiques in Dublin are gravitating towards using salvaged materials to create a warm, interesting Urban interior avoiding having a “cold and clinical” feel that some businesses possess.

Industrial Lights - Wilsons Yard

By combining reclaimed wooden flooring, old salvaged brick along with vintage industrial lights, you can create a stunning boutique, restaurant, cafe or trendy workplace that your clients and staff will love!

Wilsons Yard source and supply a large number of vintage, industrial lights to Dublin and all over Ireland – with a range of different styles available.

Small to medium businesses can avail of our vintage cargo ships lights and Benzamin lights reclaimed from places such as Queens University, Belfast whereas larger premises can benefit from salvaged factory lights which have come from as far afield as Poland and Russia. Whatever style you are looking for we are sure to have something stunning to match your needs.

And it’s not just free-hanging lights that Wilsons Yard supply. An industrial style film crew spotlight could add illumination to your business while also creating an interesting feature piece. If there’s no room overhead to hang a light then why not try using a wall mounted bulk head light; after years of sailing from port to port you can give these unique lights a new home in your commercial project.

So if you need reclaimed industrial lights for your commercial project in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland then let Wilsons Yard light up your business, as well as your day.

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Old Cast Iron Radiators

Looking for old cast iron radiators with a bit of history?


We were recently contacted by a company in Belfast that had the task of re-fitting an old historic building known as the Prudential building. They offered us ideal standard 4 column cast iron radiators (also known as Victorian neo-classic column radiators)

We were delighted as these old period cast iron radiators are getting so hard to source, and are highly sought after for restoration projects as well as new build homes because of their timeless look and efficiency, so frankly we couldn’t wait to get down and have a look at them.


There were around 100 of these old cast iron radiators in various sizes, which was just what we wanted, so the deal was done and we arranged to get them back to Wilsons Yard.

We offer not only the Victorian period cast iron column radiators, but also have good stocks of school house and princess style cast iron radiators.


Wilsons old vintage radiators are fully restored and pressure tested by our engineer and are fitted with new modern plumbing parts so that they can connect to modern heating systems.


If you are interested in having a cast iron radiator as a piece of urban history in your home, then why not give us a call to discuss. I am sure we will have just what you are looking for.

Commercial Industrial Projects in Dublin

How to create a commercial shop in Dublin

Need some help in creating a Commercial Industrial Projects in Dublin, finding the right theme and then sourcing the materials for your Dublin Restaurant, Bar, Boutique or shop…

Commercial Industrial Projects in Dublin

When interior designers, architects and entrepreneurs sit down to start planning a project there is a wealth of choices that must be made. Choosing the correct theme and style for your project, whether it is a restaurant, bar, club, boutique, shop or office, can make the difference between success and failure. 

Once you have identified the look that you wish to create then the next step is actually finding the materials to achieve. This can be broken down into two areas

Core and backdrop of the premises – This involves items such as:

  • Old wooden Flooring
  • Industrial factory Lighting
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Wall coverings such as old paneling, old industrial wooden wall cladding
  • Reclaimed bricks
  • Bar counters

Decorative – Items that will differentiate and make your business stand out from others (e.g. the weird and wonderful – things that give your business an identity). These could be:

  • Old leather furniture
  • Travel trunks
  • Boars head, Stags head or antlers
  • Old clocking in clock
  • Vintage TV cabinet
  • Vintage Haberdashery units
  • Old counters

So, where to find these things?

Well you could get on your bike and travel all around Europe, visiting Flea markets, car boot sales, auctions, antique shops and market. Whilst this may be enjoyable, it takes a huge commitment, time and effort and you have no idea if you will find what you were looking for. In reality this takes a huge amount of time and can cost a fortune.

Alternatively, a good place to start would be Wilsons Yard in Co. Down. They are arguably one of the biggest suppliers of architectural salvage in Ireland and the UK, and are expert Salvage Hunters.  They supply to a range of different commercial industrial projects in Dublin and the surrounding area.

Wilsons Yard have all the materials and elements that designers and architects specify to shop-fit out companies to create the current in trend themes that are highly sought after. Themes such as the “Industrial / Urban Vintage” look.   They are basically a one stop shop for both structural and decorative items.

Commercial Industrial Projects in Dublin

Wilsons Yard provide a large quantity of industrial products/materials to commercial companies based in Dublin, throughout Ireland plus all over the UK and Europe. If you are interested in re-fitting a shop, pub, club, boutique or restaurant they are sure to have something to catch your eye and add that individual touch to your project.

Wilsons Yard provide a large quantity of industrial products/materials to commercial companies based in Dublin, throughout Ireland plus all over the UK and Europe. If you are interested in re-fitting a shop, pub, club, boutique or restaurant they are sure to have something to catch your eye and add that individual touch to your project.

Reclaimed wooden flooring is a key feature in which to add character to your project. You can create a stunning effect using old industrial flooring; which is guaranteed to capture the attention of your clientele.

They have a huge selection of reclaimed wooden flooring, which is a key feature in which to add character to your project. You can create a stunning effect using old industrial flooring; which is guaranteed to set the scene for your project.  These old floors are often salvaged from old factories, schools, railways and churches – to name but a few sources! Since these floors have previously been laid, walked on, and loved (occasionally abused in an old factory) for many years, it retains that wonderful feeling and aesthetic when it is re-laid in a new setting.

Old reclaimed floors come in a huge variety of woods, including various Antique Pines, Old French Oak or English Oak, Teak, African hardwoods such as Muhuhu; the styles of flooring include wide plank, narrow strip flooring, hardwood panels and parquet (woodblock). Some of these are often used to create bar fronts as well as flooring.

Commercial Industrial Projects in DublinWilsons Yard take great pride in sourcing funky, individual products that have a bit of history or character attached to them. Some of the industrial style lights have come from places like Queens University, Belfast, a GRN station in Dundalk and closed down factories in the old Soviet Union .  You will be able to find materials for you commercial project such as

  • Reclaimed brick,
  • old tables or materials to make tables
  • Stacking chair or stools
  • Old cast |iron Radiators
  • Industrial bar panels
  • Factory Lights Industrial Lights, old ships lights
  • Travel trunks
  • Old vintage leather furniture
  • Cast iron Radiators
  • Industrial style furniture

Tel: 04892 692304 (0044 2892 692304)


So whether you are an individual entrepreneur, setting up your very own and personal business, an interior designer or architect and looking to create a restaurant, shop, bar or club for your client, then why not contact Wilsons Yard. With over 40 years experience in supplying the commercial hospitality business, they will be able to supply or sources those special thing to make your business and provide free of charge advice and guidance in what’s in and what’s not.

So there is no need to get on your bike, simply jump in your car and nip up to Wilsons Yard, Dromore Co Down. We are right on the side of the A1 duel carriageway, so the only turn you will have to make once you leave Dublin is into our gate. It will take you just over an hour to get here from Dublin.

If you have a project based in the Dublin area, or throughout the Republic of Ireland, we would be more than happy to help you achieve your desired look. When you think renovation or reclamation think Wilsons Yard!

Why not check out just a few of our previous projects on our website, or come visit.

Reclaimed and Bespoke Doors in Dublin

Reclaimed & Bespoke Doors - Dublin

Are you thinking of adding some character to your home? Why not try Wilsons Yard for your reclaimed internal and external doors? We have a stunning range of Victorian, Georgian, Art Deco and country farmhouse style doors; to mention but a few.

Whether your property in Dublin is a period home, contemporary setting or a country cottage we are sure to have a door that suits your needs. Wilsons Yard are proud to be able to offer reclaimed and bespoke doors in Dublin.

Four Panel Georgian Door - Dulbin - Wilsons Yard

From Howth to Bray, and all areas in-between, we supply a large amount of reclaimed doors, both internal and external, to our customers based in these areas.

If you are trying to sympathetically restore a property in the Dublin area then we are on hand to assist you and help bring your project to fruition.

A great deal of the surviving properties in Dublin have been built in the traditional, Georgian style. Whether you are looking to match up a few existing doors, or replace an entire batch, here at Wilsons Yard we can help you through the entire process. Our original, salvaged doors have come out of properties all over Ireland and Dublin and will be a sympathetic match to any exiting doors from that era.


Alternatively, we have the ability to create doors which are exact reproductions of original doors, ensuring that if you require a large amount of matching doors then we can help.

Using our extensive network of pallet distributors we are able to deliver to all areas in Ireland including Dublin, Wicklow, Bray and beyond!

From external Georgian front doors, parlour/vestibule entrance doors, traditional country cottage to 1930’s Art Deco doors we keep a large amount on stock; guaranteeing that you have a wealth of choice.

We also have a number of salvaged doors of architectural significance. If you are after a door which is a little bit out of the norm then we should be the first place you look! We currently have doors salvaged from the American embassy in London, Irish Celtic doors reclaimed from a chapel and vestibule doors recovered from a parochial house, to name but a few!

Reclaimed Parquet Flooring London

Reclaimed Parquet Flooring London

Reclaimed Parquet Flooring London

Here at Wilson’s Yard we have been in the business of supplying stunning, reclaimed parquet flooring to our London based commercial and private clients for more than 30 years.

As one of the U.K.’s largest stockist/supplier of reclaimed Parquet flooring for London, we are continually sourcing beautiful, salvaged woodblock for our customer’s projects in London and across the United Kingdom.

banner parquet London

View Our Complete London Parquet Range Here

Reclaimed Herringbone flooring (also known as Chevron flooring) is a style which is extremely popular across all sectors of London, from large scale retail ventures, to private home renovations. Our fantastic salvaged parquet flooring will transform any setting.

Wilson’s Yard cater to a wide range of flooring styles ranging from the industrial, urban vintage, to the elegant classical and refined looks. Whether you need reclaimed wall cladding for a large-scale commercial venture, or the highly covetable hand-made reclaimed oak Versailles panels for a private project, Wilson’s are sure to have what you need.

reclaimed Versailles Flooring London


 Delivered To Your Door All London Zones

We make the entire process simple and straight forward for our customers. Once you have selected a type of timber to be used in your project we can arrange for a small sample of the flooring to be sent to you. This will provide you with piece of mind knowing exactly how your finished floor will look.

Transport is organised by ourselves through our extensive network of pallet distributors ensuring that, no matter where you are located, we will be able to deliver direct to your door.

Click To Watch How We Process Parquet Flooring

Tel: +44 2892 692304


Commercial & Retail Parquet Flooring

Industrial wooden flooring is extensively used throughout greater London to transform bars, shops, clubs, cafe’s, restaurants and clothing stores into cool, urban hangouts.

We keep an extensive range of industrial parquet flooring in stock at all times , which is suitable for all commercial projects.

Recovered, timeless parquet flooring for the London market can be supplied in either a processed or unprocessed form.

banner parquet London2

Prices Start From £28 + vat Per Meter

Throughout London, and the surrounding boroughs, our customers have been ordering old woodblock flooring in both its processed and unprocessed state.

Processed parquet woodblock means that the underside, as well as the tongue & grooved edges, has been pre-cleaned resulting in less work for your floor fitter.

Unprocessed parquet means that we supply our reclaimed flooring in a raw state allowing customers to get an extremely competitive deal for a stunning floor.

Our prices start from as little as £28 + VAT per m2 + delivery.


Reclaimed Parquet Flooring London Deliveries

We Deliver To All Areas Below Within Greater London plus all over the country


How To Lay Parquet Flooring

[email protected]

U.K. 028 9269 2304
R.O.I 048 9269 2304
International +44 2892 692304



“Ireland’s Largest & Finest Salvage Yard”

Tel:  048 9269 8322   (UK) 028 9269 8322 (INT) +44 2892 692304

Reclaimed wooden flooring Dublin

Reclaimed wooden flooring Dublin

Find and source top quality reclaimed wooden flooring.

Wilson’s Yard Ireland’s largest salvage yard has been supplying top quality reclaimed wooden flooring to its customers within the Dublin area for many years.

 To view our complete wooden floor range click here

Eco Friendly Reclaimed Wooden Flooring

Sourcing the very best reclaimed wooden flooring is something we are very passionate about. Our specialist team source only the very best wood flooring ensuring each batch or timber flooring is rich with character and once in its new home will create a look that no other floor can come close to.

Due to its age and quality of timber old reclaimed flooring shows its grain to very best.Customers are becoming more aware of this creme of la creme product and are taking advantage of its character and charm.In most cases once installed our reclaimed solid wood floors become the main focus of any room and transform the overall look and feel of its surroundings  for the better.

With more people using salvaged wood flooring the felling of new trees or the process involved in making a new wood floor is obsolete, no machines , saw mills etc. It gives our customers the peace of mind they are doing their bit for the environment by using recycled timber floors.

We have been supplying reclaimed wooden flooring in Dublin for over 30 years. With customers in virtually every district including Dublin city, Ranalagh , Dun Laoghaire– Rathdown , Fingal, Malahide, Howth, Swords or South Dublin always draw a blank.


What we can offer and have been for many years, is the complete service of truly stunning flooring that you will not find within Dublin and surrounding areas.

Free and friendly quotation , independent professional flooring fitting service that regular undertake work throughout Dublin. We also can arrange transport of your new reclaimed flooring to Dublin City, Dun Laoghaire and any other surrounding areas.If you are looking the best in solid wood flooring look no further we have all the answers

Please call for a friendly chat and to see how we can turn your dreams into a reality

123 Hillsborough Road,
Dromore, Co. Down,
Northern Ireland,
BT25 1QW.

[email protected]

U.K. 028 9269 2304
R.O.I 048 9269 2304
International +44 2892 692304


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Chelsea flower show

Wilsons Yard Chelsea Flower Show

Wilson’s Yard Chelsea Flower Show

At Wilson’s Yard we have a long established link with the Chelsea flower show.

Our Triton English garden ornament range has been standing proud on its own stand for many years at the show and always attracts a lot of attention.

We work closely with triton stone UK producing these stunning garden features and follies allowing gardens to transform from an outdoor space into spectacular gardens for all to enjoy.

Wilson's Yard Peter Booth At Triton Stand Chelsea Flower Show Stand

Wilson’s Yard Peter Booth At Triton Stand Chelsea Flower Show Stand

Our garden specialist Peter Booth has been attending the Chelsea flower show for many years helping out on the large stand providing customers with a wealth of knowledge he has gathered working within the business for many years.

Garden designers and the Chelsea flower show go hand in hand, Charming, quirky and the out right “off the wall” gardens are all on show. At Wilson’s we aim to provide those looking to create similar designs with the right products for their own garden masterpieces.

From Winged back lions, grand garden temples, to garden small statues we have a great selection all of which is currently on show at the Chelsea flower show.

If you would like to create a garden design or have seen our English garden ornament range at Chelsea Flower show please call Peter Booth on 02892 692304 for a friendly chat

View our complete Chelsea flower show 2015 range below

Wilson's Yard Flower show Triton range

Wilson’s Yard Flower show Triton range

Reclaimed 17th Century Oak Beams



Here at Wilsons Yard to are proud to be able to say that we are one of the few companies in the U.K. who use eco-friendly reclaimed timber. Around 90% of our beams, and 70% of our flooring, has been salvaged. This blog shows the journey of some of our reclaimed 17th century oak beams from being immersed in a moat to our woodworking area and onwards to the showrooms; before eventually making their way to customers homes.

During the 1980’s a U.K. waste landfill site in Risley, Cheshire was undergoing a transformation; an abandoned farmstead nearby was selected as a possible location for expansion. It was discovered that the farmstead (Old Abbey Farm) was a grade II listed building and therefore was subject to an archaeological investigation.

Click here to read the report created by U.K. Waste Management and the Lancaster University Archaeological Unit

The investigation concluded that Old Abbey Farm was a fairly typical medieval (1100-1550) and post-medieval (1550-1800) farmstead which was surrounded by a moat. During the renovation it was revealed that that moat had become home to a large amount of timber over the years; including the wood used in the frame of the medieval bridge which spanned the moat.

We were lucky enough to secure a large amount of this timber and transport it back to Ireland; where we could let it dry out before working on it.

Once the beams had reached a sufficiently low level of moisture we were able to start working them to create ceiling beams, mantles and coat racks from this beautiful reclaimed wood.


You can call into either of our Mossvale Timber Yard, Dromore to see our reclaimed 17th century oak beams in both their raw and finished states. If you are looking for a bit of history to decorate your house with then these reclaimed beams are ideal for the job. Full of character, with beautiful aging and rustic splits/shakes, these beams truly are one-of-a-kind and a callback to bygone times.

Bespoke tables made from reclaimed timber

Bespoke kitchen/coffee tables and lamp stands

Here at Wilsons we are always being asked to create bespoke tables for our customers; the tables that we come up with are as individual as our clients. It’s very rare that we will make the same table twice.

We have a large range of reclaimed timber which lends itself to creating unique and interesting projects. In the past we have made tables from wood which was salvaged from such places as monasteries, schools, churches and decommissioned military barracks – if you are looking for a table with a bit of history then we can help!

Here is an industrial style coffee table / lamp stand which was designed for a client. The specification was given to our joiner who added his own personal touch and came up with a wonderful, funky set of nested tables.

Nested tables made reclaimed pine

Our customer was more than happy to let us have free reign on the design, and he was very happy with the result. Our clients have confidence that we will create something special and unique from their proposed idea.

As well as bespoke tables we also create bespoke island tops. The next image shows a top that was created for a customer using reclaimed pine with a brushed finish – we think it looks spectacular.

Island top made from reclaimed pine

We are always purchasing interesting materials which lend themselves to some creative designs! Recently we acquired a batch of old Belfast shipping crates which we decided to make into funky coffee tables. We fitted the crates with small, circular metal wedges allowing us to attach a piece of toughened glass on top. The wedges provide a small space between the shipping crates and the glass helping to create a coffee table that is both individual and interesting.

The last table that we want to show you involves re-purposing duct covers which have been salvaged from a university in Manchester, England. The hardwood panels have been made from Panga Panga, an extremely durable and long lasting timber. The panels have a great patina from years of use – which cannot be replicated or manipulated. We decided that a coffee table would be a great way to re-use these hardwood panels.

Bespoke table made from Panga Panga

Again quite unusual, though we do still supply a vast range of traditional tables of all shapes and sizes that can be viewed on our website, or at our showrooms. This is just a few examples of projects that were slightly different!