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  • Solid oak flooring - Sustainable & Beautiful!

    Sustainable oak flooring

    Solid oak flooring is both beautiful and sustainable!

    Wilson’s Yard were delighted to be involved in a prestigious sustainability resource efficient housing project in Scotland last year.

    Wilsons were selected to provided a sustainable floor for the main living areas in the Resource Efficient House. The wooden floor that was selected was one of our naturals solid oak flooring which we all thought would look amazing and be fully sustainable. Here are a few images of how it turned out plus some information about the project

    The Resource Efficient House

    The house was built in 2013, on the BRE Innovation Park @Ravenscraig – a demonstration development and hub of construction industry innovation which showcases the future of sustainable housing under the themes of energy, sustainability, affordability and community. The Resource Efficient House exemplifies the work that Resource Efficient Scotland are conducting to promote efficiency within the built environment.

    Developed by Zero Waste Scotland under the Resource Efficient Scotland programme and in partnership with Tigh Grian Limited, the Resource Efficient House is a contemporary, three-bedroom home which has achieved not only the Gold Standard (Scottish Building Standards, Section 7: Sustainability) but Platinum Aspect 1 as a zero carbon house.

    The Resource Efficient House demonstrates a flexible design, using best practice in efficiency, including offsite ‘pod’ construction which allows for greater quality and minimises the effect weather conditions have on build time.

    The house is highly energy efficient and affordable to live in, due to the selection of materials and inclusion of lighting, heating, and water conservation measures.

    Materials with high recycled content, which were re-used or recycled from elsewhere and those which can be recycled at the end of life were specified for the Resource Efficient House. This re-use and recycling of materials carries through to the fixtures and fittings with the kitchen work surfaces made from material reprocessed from recycled coffee cups; recycled paint for the décor; and kitchen bar stools made from reclaimed wood from whiskey barrels. Wilsons Yard were selected to supply the solid oak flooring in the main living areas

    Tours of the BRE Innovation Park @Ravenscraig, including visits to the Resource Efficient House can be arranged by contacting Jackie Reilly at BRE ([email protected], 01698 262 193).


    About wilsonsyard.com (Wilsons Conservation Building Products)

    Wilsons is a family business specialising in the supply of reclaimed plus sustainable wooden flooring for both commercial and private customers. We hope you liked the solid oak flooring used on this project and hope you get to check out our eclectic mix of individual and unique product at www.wilsonsyard.com



  • Reclaimed quarry tiles

    wilsonsyard.com old reclaimed quarry tiles

    Reclaimed quarry tiles

    Old reclaimed quarry tiles make the perfect, versatile old stone floor. They has multiple uses both inside and outside your home.

    Quarry tiles were primarily used in old mills and factories at the end of the 19th and early 20th century. Over the last 40 years virtually all of these mills have reached the end of their usable life span and have either been demolished or been turned into trendy apartments or retail developments. This has resulted in many of these wonderful tiles being lost forever and as time moves on, fewer and fewer are salvaged / reclaimed.

    Just some idea for using old stone tiles

    Reclaimed quarry tiles are extremely versatile and have a huge number of potential uses. One of the most common uses recently, has been by people carrying out barn conversions, wanting a dramatic natural floor to compliment their restoration.

    Old original salvaged quarry tiles make the perfect floor for creating a country kitchen and also work as a contrast to gloss and contemporary kitchens. They are also suitable for outside use, making the perfect natural paving to create a rambling path for your cottage garden or green house flooring or sunroom floor.

    So if your are looking for :-

    • an interesting reclaimed floor for your barn conversion
    • Old Country kitchen floor tiles
    • a natural stone path for your cottage garden
    • a natural floor for your conservatory
    • couping stones for old brick walls
    • old porch or boot room tiles
    • old uneven tiled flooring
    • interesting floor for a retail business (Boutique Cafe, Restaurant...)
    • a great easily maintained floor for a Pub or bar
    • an interesting floor for a commercial project
    • Ideal Cellar or basement floor

    then reclaimed quarry tiles might be just the product that you are looking for.

    Aside from their obvious beauty and low maintenance, wouldn't it be amazing to bring a little bit of our industrial history into your home and give it a new lease of life!!

    Tile sizes

    Quarry tiles mainly come in 3 sizes

    • 6"x6" inch (15x15cm)
    • 9"x9" inch (45x45cm)
    • 12"x12" inch (30x30cm)

    The thickness of these tiles vary. In general the larger the tile, the thicker they tend to be.

    Where to find old reclaimed quarry tiles?

    At Wilsonsyard we are always trying to source these old tiles and have recently been fortunate to purchase some fantastic old quarry tiles.

    So if your looking for interesting, individual old tiled flooring with a little bit of history, then why not check out these old reclaimed quarry tiles on our website. 

    We ship all over the UK, Ireland and Europe. So give us a call on UK 02892692304, Ireland 04892692304, Int. 0044 2892692304 or email us at [email protected] for a general chat to discuss your project, or any of our products.

    Thanks for taking the time to read our blog




  • Vintage Cast Iron Radiators

    Cast Iron Radiators

    Whilst cast iron radiators are undoubtedly a wonderful source of heat, they are however so much more. They act as a piece of furniture and a focal point in a room, setting the scene and feel for the rest of the space.

    Old radiators

    Looking to buy cast iron radiators

    At Wilsons Yard  we supply new, plus fully restored and tested old cast iron radiators. We ship these throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. We can work out the size of radiator that you need and supply all the items you will require. You just have to find a plumber to install.

    Your radiator can be supplied in your desired colour and finish, including a timeless hand burnished finish as shown in our image above. We have hundreds of Vintage radiators in stock. These are resized and restored to meet your specific needs. We also have a wide range of styles and sizes of radiators in our ready to go section that can be shipped or collected immediately.

    So rather than trying to hide your radiator behind something, why not replace it with a beautiful old radiator and enjoy both the heat and the view. Check out our website at www.wilsonsyard.com



  • kitchen display boxes gift idea

    Kitchen display boxes

    Great little Christmas gift idea

    We have a really nice selection of wooden boxes that make nice little Christmas gifts.

    If you are going to friends and taking a plant or a bottle, then these make a great gift to put them in. They aren't throw away things and your friends will certainly enjoy them.

    We have dotted lots of these around our showrooms, so have a little look the next time you are passing.

    Hope you enjoy






  • Antique French Parquet Tables

    Vintage french table

    Antique French parquet tables, stylish and practical

    Often furniture is beautiful or stylish, but not very practical or vice-verse. So its not surprising that some timeless classic pieces of furniture tick both boxes (beautiful and practical)

    The French have used extending parquet topped tables for well over a century. The design takes its influence from Versailles palace. You instantly recognise that classical French look. They are incredibly versatile and fit into so many different looks, from farmhouse kitchen, town house table or elegant dining table.

    Whilst Antique French parquet tables tend to look petite whilst the table leafs are stored under the table top, however, when you pull out the extensions the table virtually doubles in size.

    Another positive about these classic french tables is that a well used table which will look interesting and timeless, whereas a highly polished table will create a more formal elegant look.

    These pictures are of parquet topped tables we have supplied to some of our customer. I think they look amazing and more importantly, so do our customers.

    If you would like a similar restored vintage or antique parquet table we are always endeavoring to source the right style and quality table. At the time of writing we have 3 tables due in from France, so keep an eye on our website www.wilsonsyard.com for stock or give us a call on 02892692304.

    Hope you enjoyed



  • Entrance Gates - Irish country house

    I was out for a walk yesterday and came across some Irish Entrance Gates that we recently supplied to a customer. I thought they looked excellent and took a couple of pictures.

    What I liked in particular about these entrance gates was that whilst they are stylish, substantial and obviously a quality product, they blend in with the countryside so well and are not pretentious in any way. They set the scene for the property without trying to overly impress (Quality, good taste)

    Cast Iron Gates Ireland

    I hope you also like these Georgian style entrance gates. They are called the Beaumont and you will find more details if you click on this link to our main website.

    If you are looking for any help in finding the right gates for the style of your home, then perhaps we can help. Call us on 0044 (0) 2892699885



  • Reclaimed wooden tables

    image 2 w

     At Wilsons we have been supplying reclaimed wooden tables to restaurants, pubs, boutique and commercial projects for many years. Recent style such as industrial look, shabby chic and New York apartment styles are very much in vogue.

    One of the key secrets to creating these interior design styles is that the materials being used must be old, worn and interesting.

    At Wilsonsyard we produce our tables from old reclaimed woods and materials. Our skilled team of craftsmen understand the look, (which is so misunderstood by many) and finish to perfection i.e. not to rough and not to polished.

    So if you are opening or re vamping a restaurant, pub, boutique and are looking for interesting tables, why not give us a call and we will design and produce some wonderful, special tables, made from reclaimed Eco friendly materials. Tables that will set your business aside from the rest.

    Or perhaps you love these looks and would like to incorporate into your home or would like to simply buy the materials and make your own table. Well why not give us a call on UK 028 92699191, or 028 92692304 for a chat.

    In addition we will have lots of interesting. quirky pieces to dress and define your project - why not check out our website

    Images from previous projects www.hatchandsons.co and the www.thehenhouse.ie


  • Full size medical skeleton on stand for Halloween


    Need a full size medical skeleton on a stand for a shop display or Halloween party? Well we may just be able to help you in your search

    We have our very own Mr Bones medical skeleton here ready to go. He is a quality piece not a throw away item so you will have him for years to come. Click on the images below to get details

    Why not have a look thorough our website at some of the other interesting and unusual items we have.

  • Reclaimed Oak Tables

    Reclaimed oak tables - made from a old French railway carriage

    www.wilsonsyard.com copy right

    We have been making some wonderful tables recently from some really interesting Eco  friendly materials

    A few years ago we found a number of old French railway carriages that were being dismantled. They were made from wonderful oak which had weather beautifully over its life time of chugged around the French countryside. We bought all that we could get and initially made fantastic flooring and bespoke kitchens from it - see below.

    We had stored a quantity in England and recently brought it in to make some more flooring. However, I have set aside a quantity to make some truly special reclaimed oak tables.


    Below is a table that we produced for a chap who came in with some style ideas and wanted a table that was dark, had a simple timeless design and with a durable, textured finish. He basically wanted it to be all about the "natural timber". So this is what we produced and he was delighted.

    Here is another we reclaimed oak table that we recently made for another customer, this time with a painted base.

    copy right www.wilsonsyard.com

    I will try and post other versions as and when customers send in their pictures.

    So if you would like us to design a nice Eco friendly, family table to have for Christmas then give us a call or drop us an email

    All the best


  • Hand Painted Antique Fireplaces

    Picking an Antique Fireplace

    Sometimes customers can understandably be a little anxious that hand painted antique fireplaces they find in our showroom will not look as well in their home or business.

    From my personal experience it tends to be the opposite. For example, this original restored hand painted Victorian fireplace did look quite well in our showroom, but it’s not until you see it fitted in the customer’s home that you truly appreciate the style and quality of the piece.

    antique fireplace restored and hand painted


    Obviously a big consideration, so we tend to finish our pieces in timeless shades that are flexible and blend with lots of schemes.

    Here are some other hand painted antique fireplaces

    Hope you enjoy


    ps - thanks for letting me take the picture S.

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