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  • Old Cast Iron Radiators

    Looking for old cast iron radiators with a bit of history?


    We were recently contacted by a company in Belfast that had the task of re-fitting an old historic building known as the Prudential building. They offered us ideal standard 4 column cast iron radiators (also known as Victorian neo-classic column radiators)

    We were delighted as these old period cast iron radiators are getting so hard to source, and are highly sought after for restoration projects as well as new build homes because of their timeless look and efficiency, so frankly we couldn’t wait to get down and have a look at them.


    There were around 100 of these old cast iron radiators in various sizes, which was just what we wanted, so the deal was done and we arranged to get them back to Wilsons Yard.

    We offer not only the Victorian period cast iron column radiators, but also have good stocks of school house and princess style cast iron radiators.


    Wilsons old vintage radiators are fully restored and pressure tested by our engineer and are fitted with new modern plumbing parts so that they can connect to modern heating systems.


    If you are interested in having a cast iron radiator as a piece of urban history in your home, then why not give us a call to discuss. I am sure we will have just what you are looking for.

  • Chelsea flower show

    Wilsons Yard Chelsea Flower Show Wilson's Yard Chelsea Flower Show

    At Wilson's Yard we have a long established link with the Chelsea flower show.

    Our Triton English garden ornament range has been standing proud on its own stand for many years at the show and always attracts a lot of attention.

    We work closely with triton stone UK producing these stunning garden features and follies allowing gardens to transform from an outdoor space into spectacular gardens for all to enjoy.

    Wilson's Yard Peter Booth At Triton Stand Chelsea Flower Show Stand Wilson's Yard Peter Booth At Triton Stand Chelsea Flower Show Stand

    Our garden specialist Peter Booth has been attending the Chelsea flower show for many years helping out on the large stand providing customers with a wealth of knowledge he has gathered working within the business for many years.

    Garden designers and the Chelsea flower show go hand in hand, Charming, quirky and the out right “off the wall” gardens are all on show. At Wilson's we aim to provide those looking to create similar designs with the right products for their own garden masterpieces.

    From Winged back lions, grand garden temples, to garden small statues we have a great selection all of which is currently on show at the Chelsea flower show.

    If you would like to create a garden design or have seen our English garden ornament range at Chelsea Flower show please call Peter Booth on 02892 692304 for a friendly chat

    View our complete Chelsea flower show 2015 range below

    Wilson's Yard Flower show Triton range Wilson's Yard Flower show Triton range
  • Period Property - Donnybrook, Dublin

    Recently a customer of ours from Donnybrook, Dublin had their home featured in an Irish homes and interiors magazine. Take a look below to see how their project turned out, and to get some ideas of your own!

    Period Home - Dublin

    Period Home - Dublin

    Period Home - Dublin

    Period Home - Dublin

    Period Home - Dublin

    You can view the full article here


  • Reclaimed 17th Century Oak Beams


    Here at Wilsons Yard to are proud to be able to say that we are one of the few companies in the U.K. who use eco-friendly reclaimed timber. Around 90% of our beams, and 70% of our flooring, has been salvaged. This blog shows the journey of some of our reclaimed 17th century oak beams from being immersed in a moat to our woodworking area and onwards to the showrooms; before eventually making their way to customers homes.

    During the 1980's a U.K. waste landfill site in Risley, Cheshire was undergoing a transformation; an abandoned farmstead nearby was selected as a possible location for expansion. It was discovered that the farmstead (Old Abbey Farm) was a grade II listed building and therefore was subject to an archaeological investigation.

    Click here to read the report created by U.K. Waste Management and the Lancaster University Archaeological Unit

    The investigation concluded that Old Abbey Farm was a fairly typical medieval (1100-1550) and post-medieval (1550-1800) farmstead which was surrounded by a moat. During the renovation it was revealed that that moat had become home to a large amount of timber over the years; including the wood used in the frame of the medieval bridge which spanned the moat.

    We were lucky enough to secure a large amount of this timber and transport it back to Ireland; where we could let it dry out before working on it.

    Once the beams had reached a sufficiently low level of moisture we were able to start working them to create ceiling beams, mantles and coat racks from this beautiful reclaimed wood.


    You can call into either of our Mossvale Timber Yard, Dromore to see our reclaimed 17th century oak beams in both their raw and finished states. If you are looking for a bit of history to decorate your house with then these reclaimed beams are ideal for the job. Full of character, with beautiful aging and rustic splits/shakes, these beams truly are one-of-a-kind and a callback to bygone times.

  • Bespoke tables made from reclaimed timber

    Bespoke kitchen/coffee tables and lamp stands

    Here at Wilsons we are always being asked to create bespoke tables for our customers; the tables that we come up with are as individual as our clients. It's very rare that we will make the same table twice.

    We have a large range of reclaimed timber which lends itself to creating unique and interesting projects. In the past we have made tables from wood which was salvaged from such places as monasteries, schools, churches and decommissioned military barracks - if you are looking for a table with a bit of history then we can help!

    Here is an industrial style coffee table / lamp stand which was designed for a client. The specification was given to our joiner who added his own personal touch and came up with a wonderful, funky set of nested tables.

    Nested tables made reclaimed pine

    Our customer was more than happy to let us have free reign on the design, and he was very happy with the result. Our clients have confidence that we will create something special and unique from their proposed idea.

    As well as bespoke tables we also create bespoke island tops. The next image shows a top that was created for a customer using reclaimed pine with a brushed finish - we think it looks spectacular.

    Island top made from reclaimed pine

    We are always purchasing interesting materials which lend themselves to some creative designs! Recently we acquired a batch of old Belfast shipping crates which we decided to make into funky coffee tables. We fitted the crates with small, circular metal wedges allowing us to attach a piece of toughened glass on top. The wedges provide a small space between the shipping crates and the glass helping to create a coffee table that is both individual and interesting.

    The last table that we want to show you involves re-purposing duct covers which have been salvaged from a university in Manchester, England. The hardwood panels have been made from Panga Panga, an extremely durable and long lasting timber. The panels have a great patina from years of use - which cannot be replicated or manipulated. We decided that a coffee table would be a great way to re-use these hardwood panels.

    Bespoke table made from Panga Panga

    Again quite unusual, though we do still supply a vast range of traditional tables of all shapes and sizes that can be viewed on our website, or at our showrooms. This is just a few examples of projects that were slightly different!


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