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  • All Ireland Kitchen Guide Wilsons

     One of Wilsons Conservation Building Products Bespoke kitchens was recently featured in 6 page spread in the prestigious “All Ireland Kitchen Guide”.

    The customer wanted to ad a conservatory extension incorporating a new bespoke kitchen. We spent some time in looking at exactly what the customers wanted to achieve. Find below a few words from the Article All Ireland Kitchen Guide  Stephanie & Michael from Lurgan  ”Wilsons Conservation Building Products Bespoke kitchen showroom was our first port of call when we knew we were going to change our kitchen. We had bought pieces of furniture from Wilsons Conservation Building products for other rooms in our house, and I knew that they would deliver the kitchen I was looking for. ” Read the full Story     All Ireland Kitchen Guide Wilsons Feature

  • French Armoire Bookcase – Bordeaux – Wilsons Yard - Belfast

    Back in February I wrote that we bought a really nice Armoire from a French chap who lives in Bordeaux. At that point I was really looking forward to bringing it in and having it restored and turning it into a book case. Well just to give you and update, it came

    in and as suspected it only sat for a couple of days and has now found a new home in Belfast.

    I thought this turned out really well. What do you think, should I try and find things like this again???


  • Wilsons Flooring Featured On House Of The Year

    Wooden Floor From Wilsons

    A new seven-part series from BBC Northern Ireland is on the hunt to find NI’s House Of The Year. The series follows presenter Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, a man who knows a thing or two when it comes to fabulous design, as he takes a tour around the 18 short-listed homes and spends time with the three expert judges. In the first six programmes of the series, three beautiful homes from each of the six counties in Northern Ireland are featured with one from each programme selected to go through to the series final. The first programme in the series on BBC One Northern Ireland begins on Monday, February 22 at 10.35pm featuring three homes from County Tyrone. Throughout the series the expert panel of judges will get the chance to view the three houses from each county. They are Des Ewing, award winning architect; Michael Dunn, freelance property consultant with over 20 years experience as an estate agent and Suzanne Garuda international interior designer who has worked on everything from royal palaces to luxury yachts. The judges will evaluate each house featured in the semi-finals and the final on the following criteria: architectural integrity; interior design; use of space/circulation/layout /natural light/lighting; external merit; environmental credentials and overall ambience and appeal. In the seventh and final programme of the series, the judges will select two runners-up and an overall winner. The winner will receive the BBC Northern Ireland House of the Year Title and Trophy. These trophies are bespoke sculptures handcrafted by a local artist. There is also an Individual Merit Award which all contestants featured in the series are eligible, whether or not they make it to the final. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen said: “Where you live says so much about who you are, how you feel about yourself and how you'd like to be seen by other people. This is a fabulous opportunity to show off just how good you are at home making. I'll be looking for homes that ooze personality and idiosyncratic charm, and who knows there might even be marks off for magnolia."

  • Victorian Cast iron Bench - Pretty In Pink

    A couple of interior designers, who seem to specialize in hotel interior design, kindly sent in this snap of an old cast iron bench that they purchased from us for a Hotel project in Belfast. See before and after snaps below      Whether you love it or hate it, its incredible interesting and creates an amazing impact. Frankly I am always in awe of people who can look at something and give it a truly dramatic twist, giving an object a completely different dimension. Thanks Josie &Yvonne

  • St. Pauls Cathedral Six Sided York Stone

    One of our discerning clients was looking for something unique for his outdoor entertaining area at his property on the shores of Lough mask Co. Galway.    After a few calls and enquiries we sourced six sided York stone from the base of the south side steps at the famous St. Pauls cathedral London, we had just found la crème de la crème of York stone flagging.    After viewing this product we purchased the flagging on the chance that our client would appreciate what we had found for him.   When the goods arrived in our yard the client took one look at them and was overjoyed at what he had seen and now they are on their way to the shores of Lough mask.   For more info: on this product or similar products please visit us at      http://www.wilsonsyard.com/

  • Wilsons Yard Videos On Youtube

     In our business we are often asked by customers 

    • where did that come from?
    • what is involved in restoration?
    • how is it likely to look after restoration or fitting
    • what did it look like before it was restored?

    We have decided to take a little time and show some of the processes involved, plus show how some products ended up in the customers property. To do this we have created our own YouTube Channel and are currently making videos showing some restoration processes. We also hope to use this to give you a little taste of where thing came from, there history and there future. If you would like to have a look at these videos and see what is involved in bringing  back to life some great products, then perhaps you could follow us on YouTube . I hope this will help give people some ideas and open up thier imagination so that they can truely appreciate some of the beautiful things that we are so passionate about at Wilsons Conservation Building Products. Best regards Geoff Wilson Wilsons Youtube Channel       http://www.youtube.com/user/WilsonsYard

  • Buying Trip French Bookcase

    Just back from a buying trip and bought a beautiful French armoire which were are having restored and turned into a book case. Should be in our showroom in a week or two and cant wait to see how it turns out. Keep an eye on our website for pictures.  Nigel

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