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Interior Design today has become the most important factor of any design project. Dublin city has become a leading tourist attraction throughout Europe. Dublin’s restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes and shopping outlets have all been transformed to meet the demand of its ever-growing visitors.

Like all big cities throughout Europe, design especially interior design is crucial to a successful business. Long gone are the days when a premise just opened its doors to the droves waiting outside.

Clever shop displays and interior designs have to be inviting to tempt those potential buyers inwards.

Standing out from the crowd is also a big factor, clever designs with individual products can really make your premises stand out from the rest.

At Wilsons we specialise in helping your interior design standout. We have been supplying to the commercial trade for more than 30 years. Our unique range of reclaimed products is perfect for creating that special interior space.

Reclaimed wooden flooring is our speciality we supply huge quantities throughout Ireland and the UK to all the latest Bars, restaurants and shopping outlets.

Reclaimed timber flooring is perfect for creating a certain look that new flooring cannot replicate.

Reclaimed Mississippi barn oak flooring for example is well over 100 years old. Throughout this time a natural weathering process has occurred creating beautiful tones and shades that simply cannot be copied by any modern day wood flooring.

Not only is visual appearance enhanced strength is also boosted with a more compacted wood grain over many many years.

Strength and appearance makes reclaimed wood flooring perfect for high traffic buildings like bars, restaurants, shops, cafes and hotels to name a few.

We have also invested in state of the art machinery and are the only company throughout Europe that can supply pre finish reclaimed wood flooring ready for commercial use.

Not limited to wood flooring we also supply cast iron radiators bespoke built to suit heat requirements for any commercial project in a range of styles and finishes.

Reclaimed cast iron radiators not only offer fantastic heat but create dramatic design features.

We are the largest supplier of reclaimed radiators in Ireland and the UK and stock a complete range of styles & sizes in old and new radiators.

Reclaimed lighting comes in various styles and sizes. Antique Crystal Chandeliers can be used to create a rich bold look where as industrial factory pendant lighting can be used to create a very hip modern day look.

Our lighting range caters for all and changes regular with large batches of salvaged lighting allowing designers to create unique lighting plans.

Reclaimed fireplaces can transform bar & restaurant designs by making a cosy snug area or a main centre piece. Cast iron fireplaces come in a range of styles, from country tiled combination fireplaces to large Edwardian fireplaces with crisp lines and fine detailing.

Old restored Marble fireplaces are renowned for their beauty and our range of Antique Marble fireplaces are perfect for complimenting any interior design.

Reclaimed and restored Italian marble fireplace surrounds are spectacular with their unique colouring the reason why they are very much sought after.

We are continually sourcing the very best Reclaimed Wooden, Cast iron, Marble & Slate fireplaces for our returning interior design professionals.

No Design would be complete without furnishings, our collection of Reclaimed Antique furniture help designers select individual pieces to make their designs stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Bespoke furniture can also be made using reclaimed materials to transform design items..

Bar and restaurant counters can be made using the very best reclaimed woods and can be made to suit specific size requirements.

We are finding more and more bar and restaurant designers using our reclaimed timber wall cladding. Reclaimed wood wall cladding allows designers to quickly transform blank walls into beautiful features walls.

Salvaged wall boards come in a range of styles, planks, and finishes. We stock vast quantities of old reclaimed wall cladding to meet the need for today’s interior designers.

At Wilsons we pride ourselves that we are able to supply most items for any commercial project from flooring, lighting, heating, interior shop furnishing’s and outdoor fittings for smoking areas.

If you have a project and would like to discuss using some of our reclaimed products please get in touch for a friendly chat.

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