Blue Bangor Roof Slates

Reclaimed Bangor Blue Roof Slates

Reclaimed Bangor Blue Slates From Wilsons Yard

Blue Bangor Roof Slates

Wilsons range of reclaimed Bangor Blue Slates & Welsh slates are sourced on quality and strength. 

Reclaimed Welsh roof slates are extremely durable with a beautiful appearance. Using reclaimed slates on new buildings can transform the look of a property. Creating instant character and charm

Cost of reclaimed Bangor Blue slates is approx half the price of new Bangor Blue roof slates.

All reclaimed slates are stacked in new slate boxes ready for transportation

Reclaimed Blue Bangor Roof Slates

We are  recognized as Ireland’s largest stockist of reclaimed Bangor Blue roofing slates.

All our reclaimed slates are sourced on quality and strength, each slate is handpicked and packed into new slate boxes ready for transportation.

Reclaimed Blue Bangor roof slates add timeless character to your new build or restoration project.

At Wilsons we stock in excess of 400,000 reclaimed slates with large batches for large projects.

If you would like to discuss using Reclaimed Bangor Blue / Blue Bangor roof slates on your project  please call us for a friendly chat.

TEL : 02892 692304 

Email:   [email protected]

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