Bespoke Tables From Wilson's Workshop

Bespoke Tables From Wilson's Workshop

Handmade Bespoke Kitchen Tables Bespoke tables Wilson Yard Ireland













At the heart of every home is the humble Kitchen table, where stories are told, laughter is shared and family's grow together.

It is for this reason that many of us take so much time to search for that perfect table. There are so many choices and things to consider. - Are you looking for a traditional country kitchen table, an Oak dining table or perhaps a trendy industrial wooden table -  the choice is endless.  Then once you have picked a style, you need to work out the best size to suit your home and family. Frankly this can be a little daunting for people. They find a table that they like but it's not big enough, too small, the wrong colour etc etc ......



Handmade Bespoke Kitchen Tables Bespoke tables Wilson Yard Ireland

We understand this and often get comments from our customer such as "it is lovely, but it would be perfect if it was a little shorter" or " do they come in different colours etc.

Well at Wilson's we embrace this and make tables the perfect size for our customers. This is probably why our  Moss vale  Joinery shop is now producing more bespoke tables than ever.



As the team at Wilson's Yard have been dealing with both reclaimed and new timbers for over 40 years, a wealth of knowledge has been gained in how to get the best from any wood grain.

All we ask is that our Customers give our team a steer on the look they are trying to achieve, provide their dimensions. Then once design is finalised we can usually turn an order around in 4 - 6 weeks.......


Table finishes depending on each person or families individual preference or needs. Tops can be waxed, oiled , varnished, stained bleached or even hand pained and distressed.

In relation to size, we regularly create bespoke tables to seat as few as 4 people, right to the opposite spectrum, with massive tables that could seat up to 18 people - fit for a banquet or commercial needs.

Being salvaged timber specialist's we can offer reclaimed timber tops for those looking a ECO table, which simply have a certain look that cannot be replicated by modern timbers.

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Handmade Bespoke Kitchen Tables Bespoke tables Wilson Yard Ireland


Are choices are not limited to traditional kitchen tables or classical french style dining tables.

We offer bespoke tables featuring one of tops, with metal legs to create a very urban look.



If you would like to discuss using our bespoke kitchen tables service please drop us a line for a friendly chat .