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  • Advice on buying reclaimed cast iron radiators.


    Antique reclaimed cast iron radiators are quality pieces of engineering which exude style and character. Not just a heat source, but a piece of decor to add that special touch to your home or business.

    You should feel confident in buying these old traditional radiators, but as with any purchase there is some common sense required; as well as things you should and should not do.

    Here are some suggestions and simple steps to follow to ensure that you avoid problems and disappointments.

    Where to purchase old antique radiators

    You can occasionally find these old cast iron radiators for sale via online selling sites and classified ads, however this may not be a wise way to go. You could be taking on someone else’s problem. The radiator could be clogged up, have damaged fittings, be leaking, or on the verge of leaking. This is obviously not always the case but from our experience, it is quite common.


    When buying your reclaimed cast iron radiators, always make sure the supplying company have thoroughly pressure tested them. This should be via a hydraulic pressure tester, which will test to at least mains water pressure of 4 to 5 bar. It would be a total waste of time and money employing a plumber to install your Victorian cast iron radiators only to find that it leaks when connected to your system.

    Fittings and connections

    We would also recommend that you insist on your old cast iron radiator being fitted with new pipe fittings - cores. This will ensure that your antique radiators can connect to 21st century pipes and fittings.

    Cost comparison

    When considering the cost of radiators it is also wise to consider the cost of painting or finishing. Suppliers can provide radiators in all different states; such as raw original condition, primed, painted or burnished. Therefore some suppliers initially appear to be cheap but by the time you add on finishes their price will increase substantially.

    Our services

    At Wilson's Yard all of that worry and stress is taken care of by our team of restoration experts. We will also fully restore old reclaimed radiators that you may have. In addition, we can re paint, burnish and and freshen up your existing radiators if brought into our premises.

    So with the above common sense approach you will be able to site back, enjoy the heat and admire your stylish old radiators, knowing they will last another lifetime.

  • Reclaimed Cast Iron Street Lights

    Reclaimed cast iron street lights is a fantastic way to inject instant charm and character to your property.

    The original ladder arms for the gas men are now commonly used for hanging baskets to allow flowers in bloom enhance an already beautiful look.

    Sourcing period style street lighting is becoming a much harder task, we have been extremely lucky to come across two styles of these beautiful posts from two English Villages.

    Throughout History cast iron lanterns were produced for their durability and appearance and located throughout English villages & towns.

    It is not uncommon to see the same cast iron street lantern in different locations.

    Once arriving with our selves we carefully remove each lantern and inspect them for damages and ensure all parts are present.

    The difficult part is removing the concrete around the base that had held this post in place for 100 years or more.


    After a good bit of elbow grease and sweat!! The base is now free and work now focuses on the main body of the lantern.

    All flaky paint is removed and then painting is done by hand to ensure all areas are covered offering good protection in this old lanterns new lease of life.

    All work so far has been tough and involved serious grit and determination to bring this original street light back to life. Although a fresh coat of paint has transformed the appearance something is missing?? Of course the lantern top.

    A sad part to these old posts story is that the lantern top rarely survives, numerous times we find old cast iron street lanterns with the tops damaged or incomplete.

    Luckily we have a beautiful period style copper lantern top with new modern electric fitting making this transformation complete.

    So there you have it if you are after a beautiful street light that will add instant appeal to your home and are fed up with the modern day equivalents' flimsy look and feel!! Try one of our reclaimed street lights  their cast iron body is solid to the touch, beautiful old charming appearance, old copper style lantern top and ladder arms for blooming hanging baskets... whats not to like.

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