Commercial Bar Design Ideas


Being Ireland’s and one of the UK’s largest supplier of reclaimed and salvaged building materials to the bar and restaurant industry, Wilson’s Yard are constantly being asked how to create a funky commercial retro bar / restaurant look on a budget.

With a stunning range of Antique, Vintage, retro and  industrial products, we are constantly being approached by commercial interior designers looking to source an array of products to fuel their commercial bar designs.

Belfast ,Dublin and London shops, bars & restaurants are currently leading the field with its range of urban cool shabby chic shops ,pubs & restaurants.

Originating from  London & New York these cool interior designs are now filtering through all major citys such as Liverpool, Dublin ,Belfast, Manchester, Newcastle, Cork and Edinburgh.

Recently we helped newly opened Mckenna’s Bar Belfast transform its dated interior into a modern cool urban hangout,

Reclaimed Belfast brick, reclaimed industrial lighting, stunning old wooden flooring and industrial wall boards  helped make this once dark and dated public house, a popular haunt for the coolest Urbinite customers.

Trending right now is the edgy urban industrial look.  This look is very achievable within a budget but its essential that you use the correct CORE materials.  Core materials for achieving an urban look are

  • Salvaged reclaimed brick
  • Original salvaged industrial lights
  • Rustic interesting wall paneling made from reclaimed wood
  • Reclaimed timber flooring
  • Rustic tables

In this project we supplied Salvaged wooden wall board recently purchased from a cheese producing family farm in Holland. These boards originally acted as shelves on which the cheeses were stored and continually turned as they matured. This is a very unique reclaimed wide board wall cladding.

We also provided funky table tops made from vintage metal banded hard wood shelving panels salvaged from shipyards to make the fantastic industrial looking table.

We supplied superb vintage restored cast iron radiators salvaged from the National Gallery in Dublin, which are used as wall feature, as well as warming the premises..

In short,  you need to add a proportion of your budget to a small number of core products eg: reclaimed flooring, reclaimed or salvaged wall cladding, old cast iron radiators to name a few. Then build around these character rich products with less expensive items.

Wilson’s Yard established 1960 have been trading and supplying reclaimed and salvaged products to the commercial and trade sector for many years. Our experience and knowledge gathered over time working with all types of visionary designers, means we can help transform your dreams into a reality.