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  • Reclaimed Oak Tables

    Reclaimed oak tables - made from a old French railway carriage copy right

    We have been making some wonderful tables recently from some really interesting Eco  friendly materials

    A few years ago we found a number of old French railway carriages that were being dismantled. They were made from wonderful oak which had weather beautifully over its life time of chugged around the French countryside. We bought all that we could get and initially made fantastic flooring and bespoke kitchens from it - see below.

    We had stored a quantity in England and recently brought it in to make some more flooring. However, I have set aside a quantity to make some truly special reclaimed oak tables.


    Below is a table that we produced for a chap who came in with some style ideas and wanted a table that was dark, had a simple timeless design and with a durable, textured finish. He basically wanted it to be all about the "natural timber". So this is what we produced and he was delighted.

    Here is another we reclaimed oak table that we recently made for another customer, this time with a painted base.

    copy right

    I will try and post other versions as and when customers send in their pictures.

    So if you would like us to design a nice Eco friendly, family table to have for Christmas then give us a call or drop us an email

    All the best


  • Hand Painted Antique Fireplaces

    Picking an Antique Fireplace

    Sometimes customers can understandably be a little anxious that hand painted antique fireplaces they find in our showroom will not look as well in their home or business.

    From my personal experience it tends to be the opposite. For example, this original restored hand painted Victorian fireplace did look quite well in our showroom, but it’s not until you see it fitted in the customer’s home that you truly appreciate the style and quality of the piece.

    antique fireplace restored and hand painted


    Obviously a big consideration, so we tend to finish our pieces in timeless shades that are flexible and blend with lots of schemes.

    Here are some other hand painted antique fireplaces

    Hope you enjoy


    ps - thanks for letting me take the picture S.

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