How to create that Industrial look – Part 1

Anyone flicking through interior design magazines these days or going into newly designed cloths stores, bars, restaurants etc won’t have failed to notice that the industrial look is very much in vogue.


So whether your converting a warehouse apartment or simply giving your kitchen that “ in style” industrial edge, we here at Wilsons we have so many products that could help you in your mission. From beautiful reclaimed flooring to reclaimed brick, storage units, wardrobes, soft seating, steel and wooden columns,  lighting, tables, spiral staircases, wooden beams, wall paneling ,whiskey barrels and even period beds frames are just some of the items we have in stock and that would help you create the look.


Below are a few pictures to help inspire you and hopefully start you on the industrial path



Below are just a few current products similar to those featured in the above pictures, Click on image to get details


P.S. keep an eye on our website for our soon to follow industrial page showing a whole range of products along these lines and if you need any help in the meantime feel free to contact us on or 02892692304 / 02892 699191


Vintage Time Recording Machine From Harland & Wolff Belfast

 Original Time Clock From Harland & Wolff Drawing Office

Every so often we come across something that we consider to be truly exceptional. This may be due to its quality, age, history, uniqueness / rarity etc

Well recently we bought what we consider to be an exceptional item. It’s an original early 20th century Time Recording Machine by Blick of London. It’s truly an iconic design, similar to the original IBM time Machines. It came from the drawing office of Harland & Wolff Ship builders in Belfast – the builders of the Titanic and so many other iconic vessels.

I find this so interesting in so many ways. Firstly it’s just an amazing looking piece with its ornate cast Iron framing, clock dials, punch numbers and old oak case. It’s obvious that this item has been used which just ads to the piece. Then the fact that it has been an important machine (if you didn’t clock in, you didn’t get paid) and used for so long  by people who have been instrumental in designing and building some of the most iconic ships of the 20th century, such as the Titanic, HMS Belfast and SS Canberra, to name but a few.

So give us a call if you are interested in Industrial art or history, Harland & Wolff, Historical items from Belfast, Vintage or antique Time recording Clocks or simply would like an amazing looking piece in your office office