Vintage leather Luggage Ideas


There is just something rich and interesting about vintage leather. Its not perfect and may be marked, but its history and its depth of colour make it so interesting.

So if you are looking for an interesting coffee table, then you could consider using old leather suitcases stacked on top of each other or a large travel trunk – if you are lucky enough to find one. Both double up as a storage units, where you could hide away magazines, games or kids toys etc

At we virtually always have vintage travel trunks and interesting vintage pieces in stock, so why not check out our webs site.


Finding Antique French Bedroom Furniture

You have to give it to the French they certainly have a certain style and elegance that most other Europeans are just a little jealous of. Their antique bedroom furniture is simply beautiful

We have been very fortunate recently and picked up some lovely pieces, including a complete french bedroom set comprising of a large bed, large armoire and marble top side board.


Also picked up a magnificent Rococo king size antique bed. It’s a real “Peach” of a bed.

Whilst this is not a set, we virtually always have original armoires and french buffets in stock, so you would be able to add to your collection as time goes by.

So if you are looking where to find a special bed or a complete bedroom set then perhaps it would be worth checking out these pieces.

Hope you like. Nigel