Truely special Farmhouse doors made from beautiful 19th century timbers

For many years now we have made traditional farmhouse doors / cottage doors and supplied them throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. We regularly use really beautiful original antique wood to achieve the right look, stability and feel.

We recently acquired a quantity of beautifully seasoned 19th century pine boards ideal for making ledged and braced farmhouse doors and thought it would be nice to show you a little of the process..
Firstly we go through each board and remove any old iron work and unsuitable boards
 The boards are then cut and machined to size
They are thinned and stick lathed to allow air-drying
Our carpenter then constructs the doors to the clients individual specification and desired finish
They are then sanded and sealed and waxed by our polishers
before finally being fitted into the clients home
Guinness Brewery Board
I hope you found this interesting and should you or a friend be looking for quality farmhouse doors or cottage style doors, then why not check out our website or call us on 02892699191. We can also supply you with reclaimed wooden floors and bespoke wooden feature trusses to finish off your project.
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