Restored Antique Wooden Benchs / Pews

A new lease of life for some beautiful seating


 We were recently offered a matching set of 14 old church pews salvaged from St. Mathews Church of Ireland, Shankill Road, Belfast. This beautiful church was built in 1872.

These pews were beautifully made from the finest quality materials –  in this case seasoned pitch pine timber. Unfortunately their long length made them very user-unfriendly.

We thought they were lovely so bought them and just had to give then a new lease of life by reducing their length and having then sympathetically refurbished.


We are really please at how they have turned out and now they are attractive user friendly pieces of furniture and will look great in residential settings such as hall benches, Bench seating, a telephone seat with a difference, children’s playroom seating or as benches at the side of kitchen tables.


In a commercial setting they could be used as coffee shop seating, changing room seating, bar seating, boutique seating etc……..


Price range from £275 + vat depending on specifice bench.


Below are a few pictures of the process

 Hope you like

Dramatic Wooden Trusses & Beams

Recently we have seen a large increase in the number of Customers introducing dramatic wooden roof trusses into their projects.

Whilst all of us at Wilson Yard are generally not into trends as they are often very short lived, but I  don't think that wooden feature trusses will be.

The key however is to pick the correct trusses made from the correct material and in the right scale. I reckon if you do this then they will always look great and will lift any house or project, giving it some style and character. Personally I would go for oak or antique / vintage pine.


Hope you enjoy and please comment

Reclaimed Oak Parquet Flooring

How reclaimed parquet flooring should look

A customer got some reclaimed oak parquet flooring for his hall and  living room last year and very kindly send in a few snaps on how it turned out.


Looks great to me, I hope you agree


Restored 16th Century Oak Beam

A little bit of history in your home


This is a very interesting piece of wood. It is an original 16th Century English Oak beam salvaged from Old Abbey Farm in Cheshire – part of an amazing consignment of oak beams that I recently purchased in order to restore for clients.  


It was originally hand hewn with carpentry tools available in that era – possibly similar to these.


The original craftsman has very cleverly retained the natural fork of the oak tree branch to form a natural V shape. This would have be used to formed a natural support for another oak beam to tie together the overall support fabric of the farm house.


Now over 400 years later, a 21st century craftsman with modern equipment has transform it back to a thing of natural beauty that will now enhance a new clients property


So if you would like to incorporate a little history or truly spectacular looking beam into your house, why not give me a call on UK 028 92699191 or Ire. 04892699191 or visit our web site and we can supply a special beam for your personal project.



Reclaimed Vintage Pine or Victorian Pine Flooring

Should I consider using vintage or antique pine flooring?

Often people think of pine floors as being soft and insipid.

This can be the case with some new or even relatively new floors, however at Wilsons Yard, we tend to source old vintage or antique timber flooring that has originally came from very old slow growing forests that produced timber that has strong interesting grain and colour.

Below are a few example pictures showing some different finishes. Some of the images are of the same batch of reclaimed pine flooring but been finished in different ways. Hopefully this should give you an idea of how an antique pine floor should look.

Reclaimed pine floors work well equally well in Georgian properties, Victorian houses and even contemporary properties that need a little character.

Feature Wooden Roof Trusses In Reclaimed Timbers

At Wilsons Yard we have a very wide spectrum of customers. Some with traditional tastes and others who love to find a dramatic piece to finish of a very contemporary project.

A customer very kindly let us take a few pictures of how they used our bespoke wooden roof trusses that we made for them in reclaimed timber.

I think it looks absolutely fantastic, the combination of old timbers with the black tiling and the dramatic artwork look really stunning and dramatic.

Hope this gives you a little inspiration to experiment. If you have any questions or would like to order trusses then contact Steve on 02892699191 (Ire 048926999191) (Int 00442892699191).



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