Bespoke TV Stands ideas

What do you put you widescreen TV on in a period home.

We all love our technology but if you live in a period house sometimes its a problem to get something appropriate to set it on.  

A customer who lives in a Georgian property in Dun Laoghaire asked if we could come up with something to sort this for her and we jointly came up with this piece. Have now designed a few of these and everyone has been very happy with them. I would love to see any other ideas that any one else has came up with!!

2 thoughts on “Bespoke TV Stands ideas

  1. Hi Nigel
    You might also like to try enclosing the television in a period piece with doors so that it can be closed up when not in use and only show a nice piece of period furniture, I dont have a picture to upload but I have seen this done in a home and it is very effective.
    Regards Patrick

    1. Hi Patrick

      Thanks for checking out our blog.

      Could not agree more. Its great to find a beautiful old quality piece of antique furniture and give it a completely new functional purpose, without destroying its overall appearance. I will try and find some examples and post.


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