Bespoke Kitchen Table

Bespoke Kitchen Furniture 

A couple called in and explained that they had just bought a house and needed some pieces to finish of their kitchen

They needed a large kitchen table, chairs and some other pieces to set laptops & printers on. We had a chat about what they liked and designed some pieces with vintage reclaimed waxed pine tops and had them made in the colors to suit their existing kitchen.

They really like what we produced and texted me this picture of how it looked when they put everything in place 


Many thanks  Folks for the business and the pictures, I think it all looks great!!


Middleton Cotton Mill Flooring

Hi folks Ian again, I recently sold an antique pine flooring salvaged from an old cotton mill in Middleton to a client who wanted to create depth and warmth in his most lived room at home.

We also supplied him a stove and a limestone hearth and surround, for that rustic country feel.

He has sent through a few photos of the first stage of the floor laying and the finish job should be with me before the end of this week.



Just looking at the raw photos I know this floor will be stunning when it is finished.The photos he has sent through were taken on his phone and the next  ones will be of better quality.


I will keep you all posted on the Wilsons blog.




Vintage Art Deco Wardrobes

Found these lovely pair of Art deco wardrobes recently. I just couldn't resist them, with their fantastic Burr walnut finish, beautiful brass embellishments and wonderful layout inside. Ever time I looked at them I was reminded of Jeeves and Wooster.

They were bought by a chap who had been involved in the fashion retail business and he thought they were fantastic.

In reality these cost the same as a pair of wardrobes that you would pick up in a general furniture shop yet these were made from the finest material, by a craftsman and are undoubtedly really stylish and will still look wonderful in another 90 years.



Salvaged Antique Pine Flooring

Hi folks Ian from the flooring department again

We have just purchased a beautiful batch of salvaged antique pine flooring reclaimed from an old cotton mill in Middleton England. When we saw this board we knew it would be a stunning floor when re-sanded and sealed and as you can see from the photos I think you will agree.

Once the word got out that we had purchased this floor I got a call from a client in London looking to see this floor, he made the short trip over, we collected him from the airport and on inspection of the flooring he purchased a large amount for the whole ground floor of his home.

So I will be doing a wee blog from the start to finish on this project, It should be completed in a few months.I hope to show people that buying and laying a 100 year old floor is not only straight forward but beautiful and also brilliant for the environment which is very important.

Bespoke TV Stands ideas

What do you put you widescreen TV on in a period home.

We all love our technology but if you live in a period house sometimes its a problem to get something appropriate to set it on.  

A customer who lives in a Georgian property in Dun Laoghaire asked if we could come up with something to sort this for her and we jointly came up with this piece. Have now designed a few of these and everyone has been very happy with them. I would love to see any other ideas that any one else has came up with!!

Pictures of Wilsons Products

We would love to see how our prodcts look when incorperated into your project

Anyone who knows us will appreciate that we are very passionate about our products.

We supply lots of different products from Elegant and refined things to interesting, individual, quirky items. We get to see how some of the products turn out in people homes or project, but frankly not enough.

So if you have got something from us, I would love to see some pictures of how it looked when incorperated into your home or project. If you have any pictures please please send them to me at [email protected]

Below are a few pictures that customers have sent in

Many thanks


Original Beutifully Painted French Armoire

Why buy repro when you can have an original!!



Recently there has been a lot of repro French furniture in shops but frankly it looks contrived.

We bought this original French Armoire recently and it looks fantastic. Its a very flexible piece of furniture as it could have lots of uses e.g.

·        Wardrobe

·        Kitchen Larder

·        Toy storage

·        Display cabinet

·        Shop display unit

·        Food display unit

The reality is that this pieces was made 100 years ago by craftsman from first class materials rather than mass produced from rubbish

I know that wherever this piece eventually ends up it will make the room that its put in!!

Hope you like it

Mary Portas – creating the look for your shop

Creating the right look and atmosphere for your shop / Boutique / Restaurant Hotel or store

 Just finished watching Mary Portas Queen of Frock series and really enjoyed.

I know when people are trying to design a look for their store it can be really really difficult. Its important to get the feel and image just right and differentiate between you and the big chain stores.

We were involves in supplying the reclaimed parquet flooring for Mary Portas House Of Fraser store and I think it looked great. Interesting and casual.

So if you are looking for a little help or inspiration then why not give us a call or check out our website and see if we have anything quirky or individual that will help give that extra special touch