Ideas on how to use Railway Sleepers

At Wilsons Conservation Building Products (Wilsons Yard) we sell thousand of reclaimed railway sleepers throughout Ireland every year. Reclaimed railway sleepers are a very versatile product that can be used in many different ways – both structural or decorative.  Sometimes it’s not obvious what you can use or create using things like reclaimed oak railway sleepers. So if you have a garden project or want to design railway sleepers into your garden etc then find below a few examples  

Hope you get some inspiration!!!! Nigel   


At Wilsons Conservation Building Products (Wilsons Yard) we supply many individual garden pieces along with interior and exterior products. Based in Co.Down Northern Ireland and selling primarialy in Ireland but with extensive exports world wide. If you havent had a chance to look at our main website its

21 thoughts on “Ideas on how to use Railway Sleepers

    1. Hi Agnes,
      I am in Galway too. Also looking for railway sleepers.  Would it be cheaper to buy a load together if you haven't got yours already?

  1. Hi I am looking for a piece of oak to make into a floating mantlepiece.  Do you have anything suitable in stock for collection asap?

    1. Hi Joanne, We always have a variety of nice waxed oak and pine beams in stock that are suitable for fireplace mantles. However if you need a specific sizes then it’s probably best to call our timber Yard on UK 02892 699191 / Ire 048 92 699191 and have one specifically finished for you. Joanne please do not be tempted to put actual Railway sleeper in your house as they contain oil and would stink and may be unhealthy.

  2. Hi is there any products on the market that i can use to treat my railway sleepers with out leaving them with the glossy new painted finish. They are starting to fade now and i would like to return them to there original rustic look.

    1. We do not sell any product for railway sleepers, but I personally just use Ronseal Fence life in Tudor Black – but you will have to try a bit and make sure it works for you.

  3. Hi, could you email me the cost of sleepers for raised beds. Need 4 long ones and 4 short ones as shown in your photo. Can pick up.

  4. Could you quote for a four foot piece of oak mantel with accessories to hang on a concrete block wall. We are in Kerry so could you also add in the delivery or we could collect if delivery is crazy.

  5. Hi,
    do sleepers for veg beds need to be creosol free or nowadays all sleepers are safe enough to use and not carcinogens? Could you please send me a quote for 15-20 sleepers and delivery to Drumsna Co. Leitrim?

    1. Hi Thanks for checking out our blog. We do not give prices over our blog. We would have a number of options available.

      Perhaps you could give us a call on 0044 2892692304

      Many thanks

    1. Hi Ryan

      Thanks for checking out our blog. We do not give prices on our blog. Perhaps you could call us on 04892692304 and we can discuss price etc.

    1. Hi

      You should never use actual railway sleeper for internal use. They will have been soaked in creosote or oil – even if this is no longer obvious.

      What you need is an old reclaimed wooden beam that can be waxed and finished of to your desired colours. These cost a little more than a railway sleeper but they are not overly expensive.

  6. Please could you give me price for a finished sleeper length and raw for 58″ mantle beam.. Also cost of delivery separate if its too far..I’m in co.limerick. many thanks.

    1. Hi Dawn please contact our timber yard 02892 699191 they will be able to get you a price for this.Please note we do not advise using reclaimed railway sleepers for inside use, due to chemical treatment they might have.Our Timber Yard keeps large stock of reclaimed pine and oak beams that are suited for fireplace mantels.

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