End Of Line Flooring Specials

We have a number of batch of hardwoods and softwood greatly reduced in price due only to the limited quantity we have remaining!  Most batches are under 20 yds2 with a couple just over that amount. So if you have an area you want to floor with a quality reclaimed wooden floor bargain, just contact Steve at the timber yard on 02892 699191/00442892 699191


Here is an example of a few of the types available….

There are many more to choose from.




Very Rare Ornate Radiators

Very Rare Ornate Radiators.


French style embossed cast iron radiators are getting increasingly hard to source. This is mainly because they where never made in big volumes and are very sought after because of there intricate designs. Designs also vary quite a bit from radiator to radiator.




Finding an embossed radiator made by an American company is even harder again to find, many people have never seen one. The one below is only the 2nd one I have seen in my 13 years working with them in Wilsons.





A guy approached me a while back about buying a mixed batch of reclaimed cast iron radiators, I agreed to go and look at them. The man was an "old school plumber" and had always liked the original radiators because of their look, heat output and ability to retain heat. He had gathered up approx 60 old radiators over the past years when changing peoples heating systems. In the batch of radiators he had were these 3 fantastic looking embossed radiators, 1 of which was the American type (which turned out to be 'os radiator company west Newton' Pennsylvania) they specialised in cast iron radiators and boilers. 


I was immediately interested in these embossed radiators as I just knew they would add a real touch to our showroom when restored. After a long discussion about prices we finally got to an agreement for buying all his radiators. (I am kicking myself I didn’t take any images of the embossed radiators before restoration but here are the images with our hand burnished finish.



We stock many old reclaimed radiators fully refurbished ready to install into any new or old property. Should you have any interest in these type of radiators call in to see me and we can have a coffee and a chat about your requirements.




Bedroom Flat screen TV unit

Bedroom TV Unit

A customer wanted something to set their TV on in a little nook in their bedroom. The lady described what she liked and we came up with this little piece which I think turned out well.


Vintage Leather Furniture

Vintage leather furniture

Just visited a customer who recently bought some vintage leather furniture from our shop. I think it looks great!


I certainly could imagine sitting in them, chilling out, reading a book with a glass of wine in my other hand.  


Thanks Claire!!


Wilsons Conservation building products (Wilsonsyard) supply antique furniture, kitchens,  reclaimed wooden flooring, stone flooring, vintage lighting and garden feature plus lots more. If you get a chance have a look at our web site for our full range.

Traditional Kitchen Taps

Traditional Kitchen Sink Taps

When I am sitting down to design a kitchen it’s very important to get all the details just right.


For example, taps can make a big impact and frankly there are some really awful taps out there.

Because of the nature of our business, we find really special vintage taps plus ensure that we source quality, special new taps.


So if you are redesigning you’re kitchen or revamping an existing kitchen it just might be worth popping in and having a look at what we have. If we don’t have it in stock there is a good chance that we may well know someone who has and be able to source for you.


Hope you enjoy


Stone Flooring For Kitchens – Beautiful, Natural And Inexpensive….

Some times it’s difficult to find a nice floor for a kitchen,  sun room or conservatory. The norm is that we tend to troop down to the local tile store and torture ourselves looking at hundreds of variations of the same general tile.

While I appreciate that this works for lots of people, however for others it’s just not for them.

I personally like natural stone flooring and think it makes a lovely mellow canvas to build your room around.  As it’s a totally natural product, it is very flexible so you will be able to change the colour of your room as many times as you like without being totally stuck due to the colour of your floor.

Some of the benefits are

  • Its very dramatic
  • Works both in contemporary and traditional settings
  • You can carry the flooring through to outside areas, giving a nice link from inside the house to outside.
  • It works with underfloor heating
  • Its a very inexpensive stone flooring option – always nice to hear!!


The pictures are of Wilsons Conservation Building Products recent project, however at Wilsons we have lots of natural stone flagging and paving options for you to choose from and we would be only too pleased to help you make the right choice for your specific project.

Hope you find interesting



Wilsons Conservation Building Products (Wilsons Yard) supply a wide range of Natural Stone flagging, reclaimed paving and reclaimed flagging, reclaimed quarry tiles.

We also Design and supply Bespoke Kitchens throughout Ireland. Why dont you check out our website for a full range if you have not done so already.

Vintage Bathroom Vanity Unit

Vintage sink and vanity unit

A chap called in with a couple of really pretty vintage vanity unit sinks that he had for sale.

He had lived in New York and and had came back to Ireland intending to build his dream house and retire but decided that he missed the buzz of the big apple and was going back.

He had came across the sinks during a refurbishment  he had been working on in one of the prestigious NY hotels many years ago and brought them all the way across the Atlantic to incorporate into his dream house. So to cut a long story short I bought them.

We were doing some work with a family who where finishing of a new build. When I showed them the sinks they really liked them.  I designed a little vanity unit with a reclaimed teak top that would work with the reclaimed parquet flooring that we were suppling.

They were very happy with how everything turned out.

Whilst the chap who had these for years may not have been able to incorporate into his dream home, I am sure that he would be very happy to know that someone else really appreciates them in their dream home!



Wilson yard specialize in supplying individual items and features including baths and tape ware, reclaimed wooden flooring, beams, Feature trusses, kitchens, garden features and follies, antiques and curios, Gates and railings, vintage lighting and lots more.

Multifuel Stoves

  At Wilsons Conservation Building Products we have seen a huge increase in the number of people buying our Multifuel stoves and items to complete stove enclosures and fireplace e.g. reclaimed brick, stone hearths, rustic reclaimed beams and overmantles.  I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise with increasing costs of Oil, Gas and electricity making people switching back to stoves for an alternative controlled heating method.  We have a range of Multifuel stoves that vary in output from 7/8kw – 12kw. We help Customers to decide best size and look that suits their individual taste and property  So if you’re planning going down the stove route, it would be worth while popping  in for a chat, as unlike many other companies we can supply all the elements that you will need e.g. 

  • Interesting Reclaimed brick for your chimney
  • Individual reclaimed fireplace beams and over mantle features
  • Natural Slate and stone fireplace hearths
  • Multifuel burning stoves

So as we have everything under one roof, we will help to ensure that you will be lying with the feet up in no time admiring the flames behind the glass in no time.  Look forward to seeing you at the yard.  Gerard