Garden Gazebo

  Sometimes we buy really big dramatic Architectural Features and Garden Follies. I know that not everyone has the surroundings that will do them justice and that sometime they seem overpowering in our yard. However, some people have very large gardens or properties that simply need a major structure or focal point to give impact and scale. We bought a couple of massive carved stone Gazebo’s and put one of them up in the yard. A garden designer Kevin Copper was working on a garden design and landscaping and felt that it would be the perfect solution. The customer agreed and wheels were set in motion and it was transported to its new home in County Fermanagh. Kevin kindly sent in a few snaps.    So here is how it looks in our yard verses how it looks in the right setting. Nigel

Reclaimed Quarry Tiles / Green house floor

The Perfect Green House or Potting Shed floor


A really lovely couple popped into the yard a couple of months ago and we had a nice chat.


The gentleman was very distinctive looking with a long silver beard (I guess a little like Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses) and looked the quintessential Gardner.  Turned out that he had spent a lifetime restoring large Stately home gardens to their original grandeur


The Gentleman mentioned that he had got some reclaimed quarry tiles from us and used to floor some green houses. Mike and June subsequently sent some pictures in.



Thanks Mike & June– Looks fantastic!

Victorian Radiators Salvaged From Knightsbridge London

Three months ago I was told about a job of original cast iron radiators that were being salvaged from a property in London.
I had asked for the images of the radiators to be sent to see if it was something we would be interested in.
The radiators turned out to be the popular school house type.
With this in mind i decided to fly over to do a deal as we were in the market for school house radiators.
I arrived at this fantastic period property in the famous Knights Bridge London.
On close inspection it was a apparent the school house radiators were to need a full restoration.
Getting to the good bit,
At the back of this property I came across these fabulous cast iron vent top radiators.
We had one of these radiators 12 years ago and have never been able to source this type of radiator since.
I couldn’t wait to get the deal done for the complete batch to include these and have them shipped home for restoration.
This is how they turned out, fantastic.
(There were eight in total in this property of different sizes)
Thank you

Cast Iron Gates & Railing

When planning a new build or restoration project people often overlook what will be the defining boundary to their property.
A nice wooden fence is often used, though in time, without regular maintenance it will deteriorate and instead of adding to the look it will actually ruin the overall appearance that you worked so hard to achieve.
Previous clients Simon and Colette appreciated this and had a clear vision from the start of their build as to what they wanted to achieve.
Cast Iron gates and railings were what they had in mind and after showing a few designs they fell in love with the “Stuart” range.
They decided to go for 12ft Stuart drive way gates, matching posts, Stuart Pedestrian gate, and Stuart Half height railing to go on top of a wall.
Simon and Collette decided to break up the half height railing with their own pillars painted White matching the wall.
With the White wall and pillars acting as the base platform for the bold Black Cast Iron railing, it sits proud and is truly stunning.
Not only does the gates and railing act as a good safe boundary for children and pets etc it really adds that special finishing touch to an already stunning property.
In time mature gardens will add even more character to this property, with splashes of colour peeping through the Cast Iron railing
Simon and Collette have created a truly stunning and inspiring property and I wish them all the best for the future.
Thank you