Iroko Driveway Gates Special Offer

Choosing a gate constructed from Iroko hardwood is a sound decision.
 Iroko is world renowned as a durable hardwood that will give many years service in all weather conditions without risk of rot whilst maintaining a beauty deriving from its wonderful grain.
Iroko privacy gates are made using the finest materials & craftsmanship
Every corner  and run of our gates has been hand bevelled in order to ensure rainwater runs off, maximising the lifespan of the gate.
The timber panel boards are constructed allowing for swelling and slight movement caused by the changing temperatures in the seasons.
Iroko privacy gates are the high end of timber gates they will still be standing tall and proud after many years of hard weathering.
We are currently offering our display gates at a discounted price, so now could be the time to add a bit of class to your property/project.
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Thank you

Reclaimed Belfast Brick

Donacloney Mill was the centre of village life from its expansion in the early 19th century until it closed a few years ago.
The Mill was built using Belfast brick, so when we got news that parts of the mill were being demolished, we thought it would be a good idea to get some of these brick ensuring that they find a new home in some of the new and exciting projects our customers are undertaking.
A skilled demolition team went in and started the process; this involved stripping back roofs/trusses/slates etc and taking down the walls.
This left the brick in a loose pile, the next step was to carefully go through this pile picking out useable brick and palletising them
The Bricks were transported to our yard and it wasnt long before a couple from Dublin City centre fell in love with them and ordered 8000 for their garden project.
Haulage was arranged and the pallets were loaded onto the truck to go to there new home.
We will hopefully do a blog when the garden project is finished, so keep posted.

House Of The Year – BBC Northern Ireland

Some of you may be aware that the BBC have been running their "Northern Ireland House of the year" programme for the last couple of years.

We have put forward a number of our customers over the last 2 series and all the feed back from them has been very positive.

If you would consider participating just give me a call for a chat on 028 92 692304. This does not mean that you are committing to anything!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Nigel Wilson

Exciting new stock due In

Exciting new stock due In

For those of you that know us, you will know that we regularly go out on buying trips to find one of pieces. Well we are just back from a buying trip around Europe and although I say it myself, we have bought some really nice and extremely interesting, individual pieces. These will start to filter into our yard and showrooms over the coming weeks.

So hope you get a chance to pop into the yard in the coming weeks or if you cant visit, keep an eye on our web site.

Here are a handful of the things due in

  • Large funk Leather chair in the shape of a hand
  • Lovely Leather travel cases and trunks
  • Late 17th Century French Armoire
  • Hat and coat stands
  • Vintage garden furniture
  • Garden planters and watering cans
  • Chandeliers and lights
  • Vintage garden wheel barrows
  • Georgian corner cupboards
  • Sideboards
  • Polished steel furniture
  • Vintage Leather arm chairs
  • Hanging skeleton
  • Vintage steamer chairs
  • Retro office chairs
  • Original 1960's swing seat
  • Retro 1970's day beds
  • Club Fender etc etc……………………………

 Cant wait to see how things look in our yard


Finish Of A Garden Feature

What to put my garden feature on?

A very nice couple from Co.Down popped in a month or so ago and asked for some help in finding something to set a lead garden feature on. Whatever it was to be sat on would have to be flat, be of a certain size and must not look new.

When had just recived a really nice batch of reclaimed six sided Yorkstone paving / flagging (i.e.Flat one every side) and we were able to find a piece of that particular size.

The lady kindly offered to send us a picture to see how it turned out.


I personally think the whole feature turned out really really and look perfect in her lovely garden.

Many thanks for the picture Helen