Reclaimed Pine Flooring

We have recently acquired A new batch of beautiful Oregon pine flooring, like most of our reclaimed products it has an interesting history.After making its way from the Northern American states at the turn of the century it was used in the construction of  the West park Hospital London.

West Park Hospital was built in 1920’s serving the London area. The hospital has recently fallen into disrepair and has suffered an arson attack . Fortunately most of the building was saved allowing us to obtain these great quality pine boards.  On arrival to our processing yard we quantify, de-nail ,clean and bale so it is ready for sale.

A sample board is prepared for our showroom.

The sample board is sanded to reveal its beautiful colours and grain.

The board will be coated to accentuate its natural tones. The finished product ,as you can see it is well worth the time and effort.

Thank you Gareth

A little bit of French garden chic

Just back from a buying trip and amoungst the many things we bought were a couple of really nice vintage French Garden sets. Each patio set comprises of a circular table and 4 chairs. I don't know what it is about original french garden furniture but it just seems so stylish and the older it seems to get the nicer it becomes. They are due in over the next few days and I am looking forward to seeing them placed around the yard.  I hope they add a little bit of French chic around Wilsons Conservation Building Products Hope you like them. Nigel

Victorian Cast Iron Bench In Award Winning Garden

Sometimes it’s just the one piece that makes all the difference.

A couple of years ago we (Wilsons Conservation Building Products) sponsored a college that were designing a garden for the Annual Hillsborough Garden Show Ireland.

We supplied all the hard landscape items including bricks and decorative items along with a pair of Victorian Style garden cast iron benches. When these Victorian style garden benches were places on limestone flagging and pebbles in well planted areas they looked fantastic. They went on to win the main prize for their Faded Glory Garden Design

As I said earlier, its sometimes its that one piece that makes all the difference. Hope you found interesting Nigel

Chimney pot planters

If you are looking for something different to use as a nice garden planter or garden feature then old reclaimed vintage chimney pots look great. Just find a plastic pot that will fit inside and fill with potting compost and you’re bedding plants and let then grow down.

There are a number of different style, colours and heights and unlike many new planters that seem to last for 1 or 2 seasons, chimney pots can be used year after year and get even nicer over time! Nigel

Planning a patio or path

Its that time of year when we all starting to come out of hibernation after the long dismal winter and start to enjoy planning our gardens and tiding up outside. This is the time of year that we need to start getting projects underway so that we can enjoy our BBQ’s in the summer. There are lots of man made patio and path materials out there but personally I think they tend to very much look  exactly what they are  – MAN MADE and often contrived. Its hard to beat using natural stone for patios and paths. Here is an example of our Black Limestone flagging / paving stone used in a recent project. Its not particularly expensive, will last a lifetime and is likely to continue to improve with time rather than deteriorate like many man made products. Lets hope we have a great summer – happy planning!! Nigel

Garden Water Features

With spring in the air we are all looking forward to getting outdoors a little more.

Personally I love to hear the splashes of water in a garden. I find it almost therapeutic sitting outside and having a coffee or glass of wine while hearing the tinkle of water – it seems to wash a ways all the hassles of a busy life.     Here are a couple of snaps of a really nice fountain that one of our customers bought from us and incorporated into their garden. (thanks for the images Kevin).        


There are lots of different water features available. This particular piece is quite big, however there are many other water features that suit both large and more petit areas.    Hope to add some more images in the near future so keep watching  Peter

Restored Globe Bath Taps

Original Brass Globe Taps  We bought this bath with very interesting globe taps and I guessed that they were going to be special when restored.   This is how they turned out, fully restored with replacement seals and the ever popular Nickel plate finish. 

Restored Nickel Globe Tap

  Personally i think they look stunning.  Alan 

Reclaimed Pitch Pine Beams “BlackStaff Mill”

Last week I was asked to have a look at a large rejuvenation project in the Blackstaff area in west Belfast. Amongst other things there were reclaimed timber beams for sale. I was taken to what remains of the old Blackstaff linen Mill    I came across a lovely batch of antique timber and when I discovered they were pitch pine and were in desirable sizes we decided to buy them. They arrived in our timber yard a few days later and as you can see they were a great buy.    As time goes by good quality reclaimed timber is getting harder and harder to source especially pitch pine as it is most sought after. Pitch pine is native to the eastern side of North America and was and is still the timber of choice for many.       In the age of sail, these timbers were used for ship building. Marked by agents of the crown in colonial times, they were reserved for the British Royal Navy. They were then shipped in huge quantities to Britain to fuel the industrial revolution.    I know this batch will be snapped up by our clients in the bespoke joinery trade as they prefer this clean, hard, slow growing timer to work with. Here is an example of what can be achieved with timber of this standard     It is also ideal for bespoke trusses, ceiling beams, mantles and flooring.     I am looking forward to seeing what will be done with this batch…    Steve

Wilsons Cast Iron Gates

Restorations, new builds, and other various building projects offer you the opportunity to place your own personal stamp on something magical. That’s why great care and time is spent by most building entrepreneurs to finish off their project and ensure maximum impact.   A critical feature often gets overlooked is the property's entrance.   Although this might seem a bit obvious, your property's entrance is the first thing that will meet and greet you visitors and lets face it, first impressions are everything!!!  after all, you wouldn’t spend a lot of time decorating your house and then have your hallway looking rundown or unfinished.       A stunning set of entrance gates makes a bold statement and first impressions.  Gate designs can range from rich,  Elegant, Sophisticated, charming, etc the list goes on. The fact is that you can find a set of gates to match your own personal taste  and impose your desired first impressions upon your visitors, as they visit you and your home without them even knowing.   At Wilsons we are able to provide you with this, our cast iron gate range. From the “Sterling” standing tall and proud to the “Beautmont” with its sexy curves. We can offer you these stunning entrance gates plus many more that will add the finishing touches to you property’s overall appearance.   Cast Iron Gates have a heavy-duty weight and feel, offering our customers security and peace of mind.                        Given the fact that Cast Iron is made by melted liquid iron 1,200 degrees Celsius being poured into a finely detailed mould, it is no surprise that nothing comes close to replicating the finish product. Many New Steel Manufactures try but the difference is night and day!!! As the saying goes “you just can’t beat the real thing”   Please feel free to download our Cast Iron Gate brochure and see if any of these stunning gates has a place at your home.    Thank you   Gerard

Reclaimed Bangor Blue Slates

Natural Bangor Blue slate is probably the best roofing material in the world.  Not only is it good quality but it will outlast other roofing materials. When fitted properly it can outlive the lifetime of its building. The market for reclaimed slates proves this (They tend to be half the price of new Bangor blue slates!). It retains its colour and although it may weather with age, it will not fade.  It is an age where there is great concern over the environment and climate change. It is up to each and every one of us to help reduce this impact. One of the ways to do this is to select materials with the lowest overall contribution to emissions and environmental impact. Natural slate requires only minimal processing, has the lowest embodied energy of all the roofing materials. This makes natural slate an environmentally sound product and an economical choice for your roof.