Wilsons Yard Videos On Youtube

 In our business we are often asked by customers 

  • where did that come from?
  • what is involved in restoration?
  • how is it likely to look after restoration or fitting
  • what did it look like before it was restored?

We have decided to take a little time and show some of the processes involved, plus show how some products ended up in the customers property. To do this we have created our own YouTube Channel and are currently making videos showing some restoration processes. We also hope to use this to give you a little taste of where thing came from, there history and there future. If you would like to have a look at these videos and see what is involved in bringing  back to life some great products, then perhaps you could follow us on YouTube . I hope this will help give people some ideas and open up thier imagination so that they can truely appreciate some of the beautiful things that we are so passionate about at Wilsons Conservation Building Products. Best regards Geoff Wilson Wilsons Youtube Channel       http://www.youtube.com/user/WilsonsYard

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